Here is the standard scoring model for online Fortnite tournaments on Sign up, enter your Epic Games ID, and enter a tournament to start earning!

After months of anticipation, is thrilled to announce the start of Fortnite tournaments on the platform! This is exciting times for us and several of our long-time users have been asking for this game, so we could not be more happy.

If you’re a new user to the platform, welcome! We hope your experience with us is nothing but positive. Enjoy competing in our Dota 2 and Fortnite tournaments and know that more games are coming in the near future.

Thanks to those of you who participated in our open Fortnite beta. The feedback was super helpful and we have nailed down the scoring for the OFFICIAL launch of Fortnite tournaments beginning on May 18/19.

How Is The Scoring Done for Fortnite?

Scoring is refreshed automatically every hour on our website and will include every match you had played in the previous hour and take an average of your scores during that hour. This is due to the way Fortnite displays their data publicly.

However, if you click the Update Results button after each match, or have the tournament page open in your browser, you will receive a score for each one of your matches separately.

Depending on the tournament length, an average of your Top 3 or Top 10 scores will be averaged for your actual score. The number of scores will always be displayed on the tournament page.

Our scoring will be similar to Fortnite’s current setup: 1 point for a kill, 10 points for a win, 5 points for Top 5 finish, and 2 points for a Top 25 finish. So if you played 3 matches and finish with a Top 25, a Top 5, and a win with 13 total kills, you will have earned 30 points.

Your total score will determine how you place in tournaments, and that is taken as a total of your top 10 results (or Top 3, depending on the tournament rules), so don’t worry about having bad games. You can only improve on your average score so make sure you keep grinding! is launching Fortnite tournaments officially the week of May 18! Make sure you keep coming back to to check on some HUGE tournaments being released.