Here is the standard scoring model for online Fortnite tournaments on Sign up, enter your Epic Games ID, and enter a tournament to start earning!

Now that we have Fortnite tournaments available on the platform, we wanted to address many of the scoring questions we’ve gotten in the Discord and via our support channels. I hope this covers any questions you may have, but if you’re still needing help you can reach us on Discord.

How Do I Make Sure My Stats Are Counting?

Some things to keep in mind before you play:

  • Connect your own Game ID
  • Make your stats public
  • If you’re low skill you have many bots, and it won’t count scores in bot lobby
  • No custom matches will count, we only use Public or Arena matches. Check the tournament overview to see which type of games will count.
  • Check if you’re in mobile lobbies or if you’re playing with a mobile player in your lobby as these matches will not count
  • Check the tournament overview to see which platforms are allowed (PC, Console, Mobile)
  • Check if the tournament you entered has started
  • Check to see if you matches are coming through there

Also keep in mind scores are not updated instantly and take time to come in. If you haven’t seen scores after 24 hours and have checked all the above, email [email protected] with your issue.

How Is The Scoring Calculated for Fortnite Tournaments?

Our scoring is similar to Fortnite’s current setup:

  • 1 point for a kill
  • 10 points for a win
  • 5 points for Top 10% finish (Top 10 in solos, Top 5 in duos, Top 3 in squads)
  • 2 points for a Top 25% finish (Top 25 in solos, Top 12 in duos, Top 6 in Squads)

So if you played 3 solos matches and finish with a Top 25, a Top 5, and a win with 13 total kills, you will have earned 30 points. If your matches come in together on the same update, it will come as an average per match score of 10 (more on this later).

The “Score” you see on the tournament pages represents the top X of results lines counted (where “X” depends on tournament, can be Top 3, 10 or 20, etc.) This number of scores we add together for your total score will always be displayed on the tournament page with your results at the very top if you have entered that tournament.

How Many Games Can I Play In A Tournament?

Depending on the tournament length, we only take a total of your Top 3, Top 10 or Top 20 results that are added to get your actual score, so don’t worry about having bad games. You can only improve on your score so you can play as many games as you like.

How Often Do Scores Update?

Scoring is refreshed automatically on our website and will include every match you had played since the last update and take an average of your scores during that hour. This is due to the way Fortnite displays their data publicly in that there is no public per match log, so we have to update scores based on the change in your career stats from when the score was last updated to the most recent update.

fortnite tournaments

For example, if your career leaderboard shows 100 kills, 100 wins, and 100 matches on the last update, and in the next update we see that your leaderboard has changed to 105 kills, 101 wins and 101 matches, you will see a line in your score breakdown which includes the 1 win in 1 match with 5 kills.

Why Is My Score So Low?

However, if you played multiple matches in the time between updates, your matches will get batched together and one line will represent the games played in that time and you will get a score that is averaged per match.

fortnite tournaments

For example, if you played 3 games since your score was last updated and you scored 30 points total, your score for those 3 games will come in as an average to give you a score of 10 for that results line. We have this as an average in the case results take longer to come in and people can’t get 9-10 games totaled onto 1 line and their score becomes unattainable since we add your top results lines for your tournament score. So we have to narrow the score down to a per match basis.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to hang out with others competing in our tournaments, join our Discord.