Introducing XY Gaming’s Boomser!

XY Gaming - Boomser - Introduction
XY Gaming - Boomser - Introduction

XY Gaming’s Scott Bednarski, better known in the eSports realm under his gamer tag “Boomser”, has been a huge driver of the eSports phenomenon that is starting to sweep the world. He is currently the Community Manager for XY Gaming, but that is not what everyone wants to hear about.

Boomser has been in eSports now for 16 years, which would put him at the prime age of 30! He has been around since the beginning of multiplayer video games starting back in the late 90’s. He is now a father to a beautiful 1 year old daughter named Keeva who he says is the main cause of his retirement from eSports – and his hair loss.

Boomser is widely known by most as the Godfather of Australian eSports, not only because of the longevity of his career, but also for how many games he has competed in and been ranked as one of the top in the world.

Even though he has played many games at the top level, Counter-Strike has always been one of the titles where he has garnered the most success. He was the captain and caller for his teams, and managed to remain a part of one of the best teams in Australia for almost a decade. During this time he had numerous overseas trips, encompassing 18 different countries that spawned from 9 different international tournaments. This is what lead to him becoming one of the most successful and most traveled gamer’s during his era.

During Boomser’s career he was also Australian Champion for 9 different First Person Shooter (FPS) titles, including: Natural Selection, Team Fortress 1 and 2, Call of Duty, Day of Defeat, Half Life 1 and 2, and of course all the Counter-Strike titles 1.6, Source and CS:GO.

Recently we caught up with XY Gaming’s Boomser for an interview to talk about his career and what he is currently doing.

How did you get started playing video games?

I started at the age of 13, the same way that most kids start out playing video games, by asking my mother “I need a computer so I can do homework”. I then immediately downloaded my favourite games at the time, SimCity and Red Alert Tiberian Sun, which was the first multiplayer game I played. This was on dial up versus Americans, so not as fun as expected.

How did you get the name Boomser?

Boomser came about in a very lame occurrence. I was about 13 years old when I had the email address booms69er. My mother thought it was highly inappropriate and made me remove the numbers from any future names I called myself and this left me with Boomser with no meaning.

You have had a huge career in eSports. What is one of your favorite moments?

Being a professional gamer and traveling to the largest tournaments gave me the opportunity to meet every Professional Gamer I had idolized in my time. I was not only able to compete against them but also build lasting friendships during these events, where we would hang out and do some pretty crazy things that we may talk about off the record.

One particular moment that I can discuss would have been where me and my manager at the time hosted a poker game during the CGS Los Angeles World Finals, in one of the hotels function rooms. At the table we had playing Frod, Tr1p, Fatal1ty, Cogu, DKT, Shaguar and myself and some other gamers.

Boomser with a couple of his idols – Tr1p and Cogu from CS

Is there one event that you would say was the highlight of your career?

My time that I spent in the US competing on television in the Championship Gaming Series (CGS). We were paid full-time salaries like conventional athletes and telecasted on ESPN, Star and Direct TV 101. CGS involved teams from many countries around the world, and I was a franchise player and captain of the counter-strike squad as a part of Sydney Underground, representing Australia. We were able to finish top 4 during the world finals in 2008. We got to do some phenomenal things like guest appearances and filming on shows, as well as lots of traveling around America.

On stage against China during Los Angeles World Finals 2008

What is your proudest moment?

In 2007 I was in Malaysia during the Asian Qualifiers for the first season of CGS. We had to place top 2 in this region to grab ourselves the spot to travel to the world championships, which included a full years salary.

At the time I was working as a Sales Rep for a hardware store. Then straight after our match against Korea to qualify, and be given a full time job as a gamer, I called up my work and told them I won’t be in this week… and in fact, I quit.

It was a momentous feeling to know that all my hard work had payed off and I would finally be recognized as a professional gamer.

The winning moment when Sydney Underground won their salaries for CGS

When did you realise that you might actually be able to turn gaming into a career?

My first international tournament where my manager called me during work and said in 3 days time you guys are going to CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) world tour stop in Singapore. Fnatic and wNv are also competing so tell your boss you need to take some time off. During that time it was my dream to play overseas, I never thought it would happen out of nowhere.

What do you spend your time doing now you are retired from gaming?

I will play a bit of Counter-Strike here and there with former team mates. Which my wife also says I play an excessive amount of Dota 2 for a father. I am also still a big part of the Australian gaming community, but I spend most of my time now interacting with and building XY Gaming’s community on their Social Media pages prior to beta launch this month. I may also be going into a Coaching/Managing role with a team in the future to help the scene here after successfully co-founding Vox Eminor in Australia.

What is the best way for the community to get in contact with and interact with you?

Usually when you see a post on XY Gaming’s Twitter and Facebook Page it will be me doing the posting, but if you wish to reach out to me directly, I have my own social media pages to contact me on. I’m always up for a chat and you can directly message me on XY Gaming or any of my personal profile below.


Email – [email protected]

You can also watch some of Boomer’s highlights from over the years.

Boomser CS:Source Highlight Video

Televised match of CGS in America World FInals

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