now has crates!


Gaming Crates have arrived on! They work pretty much as you’d expect. Most crates are locked, and they need single-use keys to open. Currently only one type of key, and any key can be used for any crate. They’re fungible! Congratulations, you’ve just learned a new word.

There are three types of crates. The first type is the pure prize crate – it can only drop game keys. There is also a crate type that drops only coins, click for details for the minimum and maximum coins you can get from it. Lastly the third type of crate might drop either gold or a game.

Champion Gaming Crate

If you want more keys, simply check out the marketplace and buy some with coins. Any gaming crates you purchase directly from the marketplace will arrive in your inventory unlocked and will not require a key. Have a read of the marketplace blog for more information.

XY Gaming Crate Key Crate Key

Why the random drops? Well, we believe that the thrill of rolling the dice and getting something that surprises you is what makes crates fun. Honestly, it’s how crates should work in real life. Where’s the fun in opening a crate knowing exactly what you’re going to get? Well, that’s what we told those small-minded fools when was fired from the medical equipment factory because of our visionary packaging experiments.

You will get a locked crate whenever you finish a challenge, or when a new user you’ve invited finishes their first challenge. Later on, plenty of other activities will drop crates as well.

More Crates To Come?

For the inventory/marketplace/crates launch, we are only introducing one crate you can buy, the Champion Crate. Click on the crate to see a list of games you can get from it. If you buy them in bulk, you even get a discount! Who knows – perhaps you’ll be the luck one to snatch up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V or a new popular game release. Have fun, and let us know what you think 😀