XY Gaming’s New Currency Coins!

XY Gaming - Coins

Good Bye Play Money and Tokens… Here comes Coins!

As you all have been asking us;

“What can we do with Play Money?”

“Does Play Money have any value?”

“Can we use Play Money to enter Giveaways?”

To answer these questions we have added a new currency to the website called Coins  , they are everything you wanted and more! As they say; “Out with the old and in with the new”. We have converted all of the Play Money and Tokens too one currency Coins. With this change we have merged their functionality, allowing you to earn free Coins daily, Challenge, enter Giveaways and in the very near future we are introducing a Marketplace where you can purchase all sorts of rewards!

How do I earn Coins?

You can earn Coins using the same methods as you could earn the prior currencies. Such as sharing on social media, referring users, logging into the site every day and as a new user you receive an extra 50 Coins just for signing up.

But it does not stop there as we will be adding new features to provide you with even more ways to earn Coins in the future.

Use Coins to enter Giveaways!

Yes. As Coins are replacing Tokens that you used to use to enter Giveaways on our 24/7 dedicated Giveaway page. If entering the Giveaways using your free Coins is not incentive enough, we are now giving you back 90% of your Coins back if you are not the winner of the Giveaway. But as always if you win the prize we will take all of the Coins that you entered.

So what are you waiting for? Go win some free games now!

Challenge for Coins

Coins will now replace Play Money that you used to Challenge for on XY Gaming. This will add some value to the challenges that you are creating and allow you to use your skill to earn more Giveaway entries.

Upcoming Features

We are currently developing a Marketplace for you to spend your coins on things such as Games, Products and more. This will be an ever evolving Marketplace and will initially start with a small quantity of products and expanding off user requests.

Later down the track we will be introducing new games, Tournaments and many more features for you to spend Coins on. So start collecting them now!

As we continue to evolve XY Gaming and create new features to better your experience on XY Gaming, please make sure you provide feedback. As believe us we are always listening and your feedback is what drives us to keep pushing and evolving. Many thanks to everyone that has given us feedback, as this is the first of many steps on our way to improve XY Gaming and become the largest gaming community!