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Entering a tournament on Repeat has never been easier or faster.

Choose a tournament

Compete – Your New Home

From the compete page, you can choose any contest that you want to enter. From here, you get a full list of all available tournaments and on the left can easily filter by game title, entry fee and more.


Once you have found your tournament you simply click the enter button to view more details, and if you have not added your game ID yet you can do so by clicking the button in the top right of the tournament page. After about 2.37 seconds, your game ID is verified and you are set to enter as many tournaments as you want!

New to Start with a free or beginner friendly tournament.

Free tournaments are exactly what they sound like. Entry is free and you have a chance to win cash, coins and prizes. We also offer several styles of tournaments that are very beginner friendly as they pay a large % of the entrants. Therefore, you have a much higher chance to win!

We have 3 types of beginner friendly contests

Free Tournaments

These are exactly as the name states. Free to enter tournaments where you can win cash and coins, allowing you to test your skills for free and see how you fair against the competition.


You just have to finish in the top half to win. In this tournament the entire top 50% are paid, no matter how many people. Making this a very good starter tournament to get used to how scoring works.

Double Up

In these tournaments, you earn double your entry fee every time. Not quite as many win as the 50/50, but you get to bring home some extra cash.

keeping it simple repeat

play your game

Open Game… Pwn Newbs

When the tournament starts, all you have to do is play the game as you normally would. But remember that each tournament may require you to play a certain style of game for your score to count. As an example for League of Legends you generally have to queue as solo/duo ranked matches for your score to count. And for Smite, you need to solo/duo queue Arena. Though this does change depending on the tournament and game. So please always check the rules before you enter, as we want to make sure your scores count!

Play as many games as you want

There is no limit to the amount of matches you can play to better your score. Only your best three matches count, so don’t worry if you have a bad game. This means there is no excuse as to why you can’t become number one. Put in the time, improve and you will be victorious!

Play in multiple tournaments

Increase your chances of winning by entering multiple tournaments at the same time. Why not compete in two daily tournaments, a weeky and five monthly at the same time! In all of them only your best three games will count. So in one tournaments your 10th place position may be a 1st place in another.

Rules to live by

No Smurf accounts! At we are seasoned smurf hunters and will kill… or ban on site.

Always read the tournament rules. Scoring and class or characters restrictions may differ.

Only games that are played as a solo or duo que count

Make sure you play the minimum number of games to maximize your score

how to climb scoreboard

Score Big as You Rack up Stats

Here’s the breakdown of how the scores are calculated for a standard game. It’s very similar across all games, but the things that you are scored on or the amount of points varies dependent is dependent on the tournament. But the one thing that remains the same is the more you score, the more likely you are to win!


Score big, Win Big

When the tournament ends and you place in the prize money you will be notified and your account credited immediately. At anytime you can check your past victories, compare your scores and review your winnings from the “My History” tab on the main page.


Make Every Game A Gain

Now that you know how easy it is to win. Make part of your gaming routine. Its as simple as joining and forgetting. We will do all the heavy lifting and all you have to do is play and get paid. Turn your passion into cold hard cash and start winning today… just… click… enter.