Repeat have launched several new pages which make it easier on the lives of current users, as well as features which help any new users on the platform.

At, we’re always looking to improve the product and make it easier on the lives of our users.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve released new features that not only make it easier for users to explore the website, find tournaments, and find ways to connect their game IDs, but also how our tournaments work and more explanations for users who are new to the platform.

Brand New Tournaments Page


As you probably noticed, we updated the way you can explore on the website, starting with the fact that the home page when you’re logged in is now revamped to be a place where you can read our latest blogs, discover which games we have, view live members who have connected their Twitch accounts, more information on how our tournaments work, and add any games which you have not added yet.

Game Hub


You can also navigate to any of our game pages which will take you to that Game Hub. Here, you will find featured tournaments for that game, be able to connect your game, see tournaments which featured cash entry or coin entry, who is live in the game you have selected, and the tournaments which recently ended or your own tournaments.

New Home Page & More

Some of the other items we’ve improved is a totally redone home page when logged out, made the login / registration process much better looking and easier to navigate through, and some cleaning up of the profile page, including a fix that added League of Legends statistics to your profile if you play that game.

Page Specifically For Brands

We have launched a Brands page for companies or influencers who would like to work with us in the future. This page includes some of our basic statistics from previous campaigns, a little bit about us as a company, and what we can do for companies and gaming influencers now and in the future.

We make these changes with feedback from our users in mind, and if you would like to weigh in on any of the updates please feel free to email [email protected] or send a message in our Discord in the chat-to-support channel.