A new tournament style called Daily Freebies, which are random tournaments which appear at different times every day, are coming soon on Repeat.gg

Have you been participating in the Friday Frenzy tournaments on Repeat.gg? Well, you’re in store for some incredible news. Starting very soon, these random tournaments will begin popping up every single day for all of our games.

Introducing Daily Freebies

These new tournaments will be called Daily Freebies and will eventually feature different payout structures, scoring rules, and prize pools. In total, we will be giving away $1,000 in cash and prizes every single day across the website.

The tournaments will have between $20 and $200 in cash prizes, or between 250,000 and 1,000,000 in coin prizes. They will run every day for at least a month and each tournament will last 24 hours.

Jobs in U.S.

Both the prize pools and the total number of tournaments running every day will rise depending on how fast these tournaments fill up. If you want bigger prizes, tell your friends and family to sign up on Repeat.gg!

We have heard your request for short term payout tournaments to build your accounts. Free tournaments are an excellent way to introduce yourself to the Repeat.gg platform and build your account so you can compete in many other cash and coin tournaments. Since these tournaments are 24 hours long, you can expect to enter and be paid out (if you place) within a day or two.

There is no telling how long these daily freebies will last — that will be entirely up to you!

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