Repeat Brawl Stars Tournaments are officially live on the platform with tons in cash prizes! Sign up now and start earning.

Mobile gamers rejoice! Brawl Stars has finally officially released into our platform! We will be running tournaments for both Trophy Grinders and Power League Climbers. As part of our launch event we will be launching a special $5,000 tournament with renowned mobile gaming esports and content organization, Tribe Gaming

For those new to Repeat, we are a tournament platform that focuses on asynchronous tournaments; our tournaments do not require you to join any lobbies or be around during specific hard times. Our tournaments are run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At any time you can just log onto, join our tournaments, play as you normally would, and gain prizes! You can simultaneously join as many tournaments as you would like, from any combination of the game titles we support.

We are so excited to officially release Brawl Stars tournaments on Repeat!

How Scoring Works on Repeat Brawl Stars Tournaments

We run two different tournament formats for Brawl Stars, they are both very simple and intuitive.

Our Trophy Grind tournaments are month long tournaments that simply provide you with points for winning trophies, and lose you points when losing trophies.

It is setup so you always gain more points than you lose, so do not be afraid to keep playing, even at a slightly below 50% win rate you will still be slowly gaining points! If you already enjoy grinding for trophies, these tournaments will provide you extra rewards just for doing what you already do!

Our Power League Rush tournaments are 2-hour long tournaments that reward you getting win streaks in Power League. The objective is to win streak as much as possible without losing. Your first round win will result in you winning 60 points, second in a row will provide you with 105 points and after that, each win you get will provide you with 150 points, just beware, if you lose any games the counter will reset and you’ll be back to gaining 60 points on your next win. Draws will not earn you any points but will also not reset your win streak!

We will be actively monitoring these tournaments, we will be monitoring Power League Rush tournaments for potential smurfs playing at a lower rank than intended, and we will be monitoring our Trophy Grind tournaments for players potentially using other people’s accounts to earn free points. If you notice any on-going suspicious activity you can always report users via the tournament page or via our Discord by opening a report ticket.

How to Connect Your Brawl Stars Account

To connect your account, simply go to your Brawl Stars profile, copy the # ID under your icon and add it to your profile, simple!

Competing in Tournaments

To compete in’s Brawl Stars tournaments, first proceed to the website and press Sign Up

Then proceed to the Brawl Stars section on top of the screen and select Tournaments

Press the Connect Game ID button and follow the connection steps mentioned above

Select any tournaments you would like to play in (you can join as many as you would like!), press Join Tournament in the tournament page and you’re ready to play!

If you have any issues you can always reach out to us at [email protected]. Good luck and have fun playing Repeat Brawl Stars tournaments!