Sometimes games come out with weapons that are crazy overpowered. These are the most over powered weapons on Warzone 2 since launch.

Warzone 2 is a free-to-play standalone battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Unlike the fast-paced standard 6v6 maps, which take place in closed maps, Warzone 2 is set in the largest battle royale map in gaming. Therefore, the best weapons in multiplayer lobbies may not be optimal for larger-scale maps.

The most over powered weapons in Warzone 2 thrive in the long-range duels commonplace in the mode. These weapons need controllable recoil, pinpoint accuracy, and a strong time to kill at medium to long engagements to carry you to victory.

X12 Akimbo

For most players, the Overkill perk is a comfortable option as it lets you bring two primary weapons. This loadout shouldn’t be mandatory as the X12 akimbo pistols can go head-to-head against close-range weapons like SMGs and Assault Rifles. Going akimbo with the X12 offers great stopping power, a decent clip, and pinpoint accuracy.

Fennec 45

SMGs are the most over powered weapons in Warzone 2 for close-quarters engagements. You’ll need a reliable SMG to fight enemies fortified in buildings and other power positions. The Fennec 45 (KRISS Vector .45) can tear through a full-plated operator effortlessly.

The Fennec 45 boasts the fastest firing rate of the SMG class, with 1091 rounds per minute. Because of its tremendous firing rate, it can maintain a consistent time to kill of 358 ms beyond 40 meters. 


The Assault Rifle class is king in standard multiplayer maps; however, most guns struggle to find a foothold in Warzone 2. While the Lachman 556, M4, STB 556, are serious contenders, the Taq-56 (Scar-L) is consistently the most over powered weapon in the class. 

With the right attachments, the Assault Rifle is a mid-range laser beam that never misses a shot. Tune the weapon for recoil steadiness and damage range to further enhance its strength.

Victus XMR

The quick-scoping Marksman Rifle may be the most over powered weapon in multiplayer maps, but traditional Sniper Rifles dominate battle royale. The Victus XMR is the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone 2, retaining an amazing damage profile past 100 meters. Most importantly, the powerful sniper is also easy to use, especially when leading your shots at extreme ranges.

Slap on explosive rounds and customize the weapon for damage range and bullet velocity so you can easily take down plated enemies with a shot or two. You’re going to need a sniper in Warzone 2, so make sure to bring the best one.


Light Machine Guns are the most over powered weapons in Warzone 2 as they’re unconventionally accurate, hit like a truck, and pack tons of ammo. You can’t go wrong with the easy-to-control RAPP H and heavyweight RAAL, as they’re top-tier weapons. But, the RPK is the LMG that will shape Warzone 2’s meta.

An underleveled RPK still performs well; however, a fully customized one fitted for recoil control will melt through your opponents from mid to long-range. Once you find a decent scope, have fun effortlessly mowing down players trying to parachute back on the map.