With Call of Duty: Warzone Tournaments on Repeat.gg, we will follow the game’s lead in which game modes are available.

Calling all Call of Duty: Warzone players on Repeat! We are going to be following a schedule and trying out some new tournaments for Warzone based on the new schedule Call of Duty has made publicly available. 

call of duty: warzone tournament

Currently we have added three new tournaments which are live and currently counting scores, one for Fortune’s Keep, one for Rebirth, and one in the typical BR mode for Caldera.

The Rebirth tournament will be Quads only, but once the game releases more modes on July 21 then those same modes will all count.

Keep in mind, these Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep tournaments are meant so only the games played in that playlist will count towards your total score in these tournaments. 

What about Caldera Warzone tournaments?

Of course, we have not forgotten about the Caldera tournaments and these will continue to run as long as that map is available. The plan moving forward will be to implement these new maps and game modes into our daily and weekly tournament schedule, and potentially even use different formats for the Monthly Championship series. 

All of this depends on the game modes allowed by Warzone and whether these new maps are limited time only or part of their long term plan. We will not do tournaments for limited time modes or events at any point.

We have implemented scoring templates that cater to each map’s playstyle and will continue to evaluate the scoring system as Warzone introduces new maps / playlists. If you have any suggestions to help make this better, we are always open to feedback. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have feedback to offer.

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