Esports platform Repeat has launched a brand new marketplace which uniquely rewards users for playing games online. has totally revamped its marketplace where users can redeem their hard-earned coins for prizes, making it easier to navigate, offering more items than ever before, and putting a fresh, new look on the page.

One of the ways has set itself apart from its competitors is not only by giving out cash and prizes for its users who place in tournaments, but also by offering ways users can earn coins every day just by completing simple tasks.

You earn coins with a daily login bonus, daily rewards for competing in a coin or cash entry tournament, a lifetime of earning coins if you refer new users to the platform with your unique invite link, adding your first game ID, competing in your first tournament, and even completing your first deposit!

So what can you do with all these coins? Trade them in for gift cards in Repeat’s shiny new marketplace.

Repeat New Marketplace Is Better Than Ever

Repeat playing games online

The marketplace is where Repeat users can trade in their coins, which can be collected via the above mentioned bonuses and also by competing in tournaments with coin prizes, for a variety of gift cards offered. Users may also directly purchase coins if you are just a few short of redeeming for the item they are after.

All it takes to receive your marketplace items is a short verification process to prove you’re 18+, or you have parental permission to be competing in our free tournaments.

Entering a coin tournament gives you the opportunity to rack up coins simply by playing games online. Once you have enough, you can redeem them for items like RP cards, Amazon gift cards, Steam cards, Nintendo Shop cards, and more! We even have things like Fortnite Battle Pass or the Xbox Game Pass available to be purchased.

We offer cards for most regions across the world, and if there is something missing from your region you can always ask. Repeat tries to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to the marketplace. Email [email protected] if you have any suggestions about adding gift cards.

Upcoming Items and Plans For The Marketplace

Repeat has much in store for the coming months in terms of adding things to the marketplace. We will eventually offer Repeat merchandise and merch from your favorite teams or gaming brands, digital items or skins that you can collect depending on what game you play, and customized items for your profile such as avatars, borders and other profile assets.

Repeat’s new marketplace is truly one of a kind, and we cannot wait for you to see what’s in store in the next few months!