Repeat Warzone Tournaments have never been better or had higher prize pools, and we cannot wait to continue these improvements with Warzone 2 upcoming.

Warzone tournaments on have gotten a major facelift in the recent months, from adding new scoring systems to our regular tournaments, adding Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth specific tournaments, and ramping up prize pools with our daily, monthly, and weekly tournaments.

We are please to bring you the first of many updates on Warzone. These will include what we have done, what we plan to do, and any major news we can share about Warzone tournaments.

What have we done with our tournaments?

In September we worked with a couple of major Warzone influencers to introduce the game to new audiences. Thanks to Kesto and ScopeShot for these amazing video campaigns! Check them out below and make sure to give them a follow on their channels.

Updates to Scoring

We’ve listened to the feedback the community has given us, introducing more tournaments with Fortune’s Keep and including more tournaments on the weekends. We’ve added Fortune’s Keep to Daily Freebies on an alternating schedule with Caldera.

With Warzone 2 around the corner we’ll be sure to stay on top of introducing new and exciting tournaments for users to indulge with as soon as possible. 

What are we going to do with our tournaments?

With Warzone 2 coming within a month or so we will be introducing new tournaments on Al Mazrah. New scoring formats, more tournaments, more fun. With the fan favorite map Rebirth island sticking around, we reintroduced Rebirth weeklies and will be providing these for as long as the playlist is available on Warzone.

Please note: the next Rebirth weekly that begins Oct 7th will end on Oct 13 at midnight PST due to the Rebirth playlist expected to give way to a LTM. The following week, when Rebirth comes back, there will be another Rebirth Weekly.

Patch notes

Warzone 1 released Season 5 reloaded update with weapon balancing and a new playlist update.

Season Five Mid-Season Forecast

Warzone 2 releases November 16th with MW2 releasing October 28th. In conjunction with these two major releases, in October we will be hosting Warzone 1 tournaments which will giveaway FREE copies of Modern Warfare 2.

These prizes will not depend on your placement in the tournament. The winners will be chosen at random, all you have to do is enter and play the minimum amount of games for your score to count and you can win.

Message from our Warzone Game Admin

I am always available in direct messages on Discord (fraeway#4556), feel free to reach out to me to chat, to voice a concern or report a problem. I am committed to continually providing the best user experience I can. With Warzone 2 coming soon we’re going to do it bigger and better than ever, there are a lot of new and exciting features coming to Repeat in the next few months and I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy all the hard work the team has put in.