Welcome to the Repeat League of Legends tournaments monthly update for September! Every month we will be providing an overview of what has been happening with League of Legends and what we plan to do in the future.

We take feedback from our users very seriously and will always welcome suggestions. If you want to be part of this discussion, I encourage you to join our Discord.

With that, lets get on with the monthly update!

What we have done with Repeat League of Legends tournaments

This month we had the pleasure to work with influencers such as Kerios and RememberTheBeat to promote our League of Legends tournaments.

Be sure to check out Keriosā€™ gameplay video on AP Tristana and RememberTheBeat playing with Japanese friends on the Japanese Server! 

You may have noticed our tournamentā€™s prizes have doubled for our Weekly and Monthly League of Legends tournaments. We have also increased the frequency of our Daily Tournaments from Friday to Sunday, you will now be finding eight tournaments per day rather than four, this means double the prizes from daily tournaments on weekends!

What are we planning to do with our tournaments

We are planning to improve our League of Legends scoring system, our current scoring heavily encourages players to cheat and abuse the rules to the maximum. We will be bringing a band-aid fix to our scoring system that includes higher rewards for winning games and some punishments if you let your games run too long. The goal should be to win games as solidly, cleanly and quickly as possible, not to extend games as much as possible for kills. 

Due to our recent acquisition by Sony, also do expect more changes to tournaments and prizing in the future!

Updates to League of Legends

There haven’t been any major updates to League of Legends recently, although the most recent patch is the version of the game which will be used for the World Championships starting this week. Can’t wait!


We are currently doing giveaways for all of our game titles, be sure to check our Twitter page for more information on it!

Ongoing Issues

We are aware of issues with users pushing the boundaries of our rules to attempt to gain unfair advantage in our tournaments. The scoring update should improve this situation, but we are also working on improvements to our rules and punishments to improve the situation. Thank you for your patience

You can find me on our Discord under the nickname of Vannish. Just leave a message in #general, #chat-to-support or #lol-general and Iā€™ll give you the best help I can.