Call of Duty Warzone tournaments are available for testing! Join our open beta and help us work out the kinks.

8/28/20 Update

The Call of Duty: Warzone Beta is officially released for Xbox One and Playstation players! Watch the video below to see how to connect your account on console. 

Original Article

Good news for all of you Call of Duty Warzone players: has officially launched our open Beta for PC players. Note that we are in the beta stage of Call of Duty Warzone, so there may be times when we have to erase scores and re-do the scoring results based on feedback or any bugs that may occur during this time. Your placement* may go up or down based on this.

We want to get as much feedback from you as possible. We have added a #warzone channel in our Discord and you can always reach out to [email protected] with issues.

How Scoring Works in Call of Duty Warzone Tournaments

At the moment, since there are different number of players in the game modes (100 players in solos, 150 players in Duos/Trios, etc), we will award you points based on time survived instead of placement in the game. Points will break down as follows:

Time played (survived): 0.04 points per second

Kills: 20 points per kill

Damage: 1 damage point = 0.06 points on Repeat

How Do I Connect My Call of Duty Game ID?

See the below video which shows how to enter your Game ID on the Repeat platform.

  1. Go to a tournament page by clicking the Enter button and then click “Add Game ID To Enter
    OR click the drop down arrow by your profile picture, click “My Account”, and click “Add New” at the bottom
  2. Click Call of Duty Warzone
  3. Login to your account and click “allow” on the following screen
  4. Your Game ID should be successfully added.

Make Your Stats Publicly Available

In order for your stats to come in properly, you need to make them publicly available. You can see this in the video above, but also follow these steps:

How Do I Compete in Beta Tournaments?

Once you have connected your Call of Duty account to your Repeat account with your ID,PSN, or Xbox One accounts, you can enter our open beta tournaments just like any others. Go to the tournaments page and find a tournament that isn’t full, and hit enter!

We’re beyond excited to launch our Call of Duty Warzone tournaments and cannot wait to hear your feedback. Well, what are you waiting for? Get started in our open beta now.

*Your placement in the tournament is not guaranteed in case we have to make improvements on the scoring system. If the scoring system updates you can see your actual place in tournaments after they have ended in the My Tournaments section.