Welcome to our introduction of the 8-part series of how to make money in gaming, We explain each method in creating a possible career in video games.

The term Professional Gamer shouldn’t come as a surprise when explaining a video-gamer that makes a living from video games. When questioned about forms of making a career in video-games, the general public would most likely narrow it down to two types of careers – playing video games and making them.

Nowadays, these are not the only ways, and in fact, there are probably a dozen forms of making a career through video-gaming, which we will go more into detail with what they are, how much one can make and how to get started.

what is esports

The whole series spawns from the fact that gaming is vastly being recognised not only as a booming business industry but also a legitimate sport. SuperData Research forecasts that eSports (Electronic Sports) will grow from $748.8 million in 2015 to 1.9 billion by 2018 in revenue. Just in January this year, ESPN created an eSports section and production team on their page permanently, only cementing proof that eSports are being taken seriously. Which all boils down to one thing…If there is a future in gaming, there is a career to be made from it.

espn says esports

Repeat.gg will release an 8-part series where we will explore the most conventional and non-conventional career choices in the order listed – Starting with the most common of them all in Part 2

Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2
 – Professional Gaming
Part 3 – Streaming
Part 4 – Commentary and Broadcasting
Part 5 – Coaching and Managing
Part 6 – Gambling/eSports Betting
Part 7 – Skilled Gaming
Part 8 – Fantasy League

Each article will be broken down into these segments

Explanation of what it is
How money is made and how much (with examples)?
How can you begin in this area?
What will help you and tips & tricks
*Some of them will also include interviews from some of the biggest names in eSports

What are the author’s history and experience with the topics listed?

Scott “Boomers” Bednarski is a retired professional gamer who has travelled the world playing video games. In 2007-2008 he got the opportunity to play for Australia in a live television esports league called Championship Gaming Series. Scott played in front of huge live audiences and was viewed by millions internationally on direct TV. During this time he lived in the US playing and coaching. Afterwards, Scott became a gaming commentator for Counter-Strike in the Oceania region and traveled to live gaming events in Australia and New Zealand.

XY Gaming - Boomser - Introduction
Repeat.gg – Boomser – Introduction

Shortly after, Scott became a Founder with the responsibilities of coach and manager of an Australian multi-gaming organisation with international recognition under the banner of Vox Eminor (Voxe). Today Scott works full-time in the skill-based betting sector of esports, under the title of Community Manager for Repeat.gg. A full interview and Bio can be found here.

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