Tundra Esports dominant win on The International 2022 signals the final event of the Dota Pro Circuit 2022 tour. What followed was an overwhelming amount of roster changes, player swaps, and even legendary players retiring from the scene. Now that the dust has settled and teams are locked, there are many potentially great teams with Dota 2 fans excited for the upcoming DPC 2023 season.

China: PSG.LGD

PSG. LGD has always been consistently strong with its team of superstars, even playing second at TI twice. However, their best players, uncrowned king Ame, XinQ, and Faith_bian, all left the team. New members shiro, 项羽 (pronounced xiàng yǔ), and planet have big shoes to fill. Previous EHOME players shiro and planet was a challenge to PSG.LGD in the past, so hopefully their adversity turns into excellent teamwork.

North America: B8 Esports

B8 Esports is a new roster founded by the Dota 2 icon Dendi. Composed of four Ukrainians and one Peruvian, they’re competing with the best players in North America. They’re one of the most exciting professional Dota 2 teams to watch because of the return of legendary players like Funn1k, MoOz, and Dendi. It will be interesting to see if these veteran players can keep up with the strong modern players in the scene.

Southeast Asia: Blacklist International

Blacklist International is the newest team in Southeast Asia. Their team is curated of four strong players who formerly played together for TNC Predator, plus an excellent addition with Karl, a mid-superstar from T1. While all these players have unmatched individual skills, TIMS will coordinate their efforts and lead the team. He has recently seen great results as a former member of BOOM Esports, winning an invitation to Dubai and sending home The International 2021 champions last TI.

South America: Evil Geniuses 

Evil Geniuses is one of the original gaming organizations since it was founded in 1999. They have representatives in almost every competitive game and were a fan-favorite team in North America. However, Evil Geniuses released their entire Dota 2 roster to move to South America, signing players from Thunder Awaken and beastcoast. Their risky move worked out because they’re off to a strong start, winning the BTS Pro Series Season 13: Americas tournament against Team SoloMid.

Eastern Europe: BetBoom

BetBoom’s new roster is absolutely stacked with the most notable players in Eastern Europe. Dota 2 fans in that region will be excited to see how well Pure, gpk, Nightfall, Save-, and TORONTOTOKYO can play together. BetBoom is one of the first teams to be eliminated in the last international; however, this is a tougher team of accomplished veterans, like TI winner TORONTOTOKYO and former EG offlaner Nightfall.

Western Europe: Team Liquid

Dota 2 fans have their eyes on Western Europe as it is a dominant region, with teams like recent TI winner Tundra Esports, Team Secret, and OG. Team Liquid placed third in the last TI; losing to Team Secret is an emotional series. But they’re rounded out their roster by picking up Nisha, arguably the best mid laner in the professional scene. Team Liquid has consistently stayed a top-tier team, and this valuable roster addition may propel them to be the best.