Riot highly prioritizes some champions, but which champions have the most skins in League of Legends?

League of Legends puts a ton of effort into designing the look and feel of their champions, especially when it comes to creating their prestigious skins. But it’s easy to see that Riot highly prioritizes some champions, as some characters receive skins that are superior in quality and quantity. In this list, we’ll see which champions have the most skins in League of Legends and their most coveted costumes.

Sivir — 16 Skins

Sivir is one of League of Legends’ original champions, and she deserves to have 16 skins to her name. She’s a famous mercenary who works in the lawless desert of Shurima, willing to take down anyone for the right amount of money. Sivir has been portrayed in two short stories and two videos. Compared to the other champions on this list, Sivir’s skins lack the extra effort, like a new voice or transformation. Her rarest alternate costumes are Pax Sivir, given to people who attended the event in 2011, and her Lunar New Year skin.

Ahri — 16 skins

Ahri is a mystical fox-like inspired by the Korean Gumiho (nine-tailed fox). She’s a fan-favorite champion because of her evasiveness and ability to eliminate targets in the blink of an eye. Ahri appears in official stories, cinematics, the Ruined King videogame, and even as a K-pop sensation in K/DA. Ahri has 16 skins, including the vaulted Challenger Ahri skin.

Ezreal — 16 skins

Ezreal is a daring explorer equipped with a Shuriman gauntlet and a talent for the arcane arts. His base design is simple, sporting a brown jacket and practical exploring gear. However, Ezreal has some of the most extravagant skins in League of Legends. Pulsefire Ezreal is a transforming skin with a unique voice and effects. Additionally, Ezreal has 5 skins in the legacy vault, including two World Championship skins.

Akali — 16 skins

Akali is a rogue assassin dedicated to protecting Ionia from any threats. She has been featured in many short stories, comics, and cinematics. Akali also appears as the rapper for Riot’s K-Pop group K/DA and formed a hip-hop group called True Damage. She has amazing skins representing both groups and the cutting-edge Project: Akali skin.

Miss Fortune — 17 Skins

The Bilgewater pirate captain Miss Fortune is as ruthless as she is clever. Sarah Fortune stars in the League of Legends’ video game: Ruined King, and multiple short stories, cinematics, and comics. She boasts the second-highest number of skins with 17 alternate costumes. The bounty hunter receives a new voice and special effects in Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and Battle Bunny Miss Fortune.

Lux — 18 Skins

League of Legends’ poster girl, Lux is a Demacian mage who bends the power of light using her magical staff. She has definitely received the main character’s treatment as she appeared in numerous official stories. Lux takes the crown as the League champion with the most skins, as she has 18 alternate costumes available. Her rarest skin is Prestige Battle Academia Lux, which was only given to players who owned the base skin before patch 12.5.