Now on, prove you’re the best Support or Carry in League of Legends by competing in the all new Championship Series.

Tired of the traditional tournaments in League of Legends that don’t reward enough points for the Support role?

Are you one of the baddest Carries in the game but aren’t getting the recognition you feel you deserve?

Repeat is here to help you shine. The Championship Series, which started with game-mode specific tournaments for Fortnite and Warzone, is now available for League of Legends with the Support-Only and Carry-Only Championship Series.

How the Championship Series is Different

In our standard League of Legends tournaments, any character is available to be played and will count toward your total score. In these role-specific tournaments, only characters who can be defined as either a Support or a Carry will count towards your total score. So, don’t join this tournament unless you’re prepared to play these roles.

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We want to reward you for these roles because we know sometimes you can go underappreciated in League of Legends tournaments, especially since you do not join our standard Repeat tournaments as full 5-person teams. We’re here for you, Supports and Carries, and we will be releasing other role-specific tournaments for this very soon!

Extra Prizes For The Winner

Not only will these tournaments feature scoring designed to highlight specific game modes, but the winners of each tournament will receive a little extra than our normal tournaments. The first place finisher in each will receive:

  • Double the standard number of coins for 1st place winner
  • $50 RP card
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