No matter how small or how big, you can run a tournament with with our new Community Spotlight Series.

Question: Are you streaming or creating content on your favorite video game but just haven’t gotten your big breakthrough yet? Well, is looking to change your fortune. We are introducing the Community Spotlight Series, where each week we will host a $250 prize pool tournament that is meant to literally shine a light on underrated gamers and content creators. 

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You all know the stories of your favorite streamers, and a lot of them caught a break along the way, whether it’s being shouted out by another popular streamer like NiceWigg got from Shroud, or simply casting with some celebrities ala Ninja with Drake and Juju Smith-Schuster.

This is your chance to put your name in front of hundreds of thousands of people, and all you have to do is reach out to us. You can hit us up on our social media accounts @repeatgg or fill out this form to apply. We will review EVERY application and select streamers/content creators who are playing Fortnite, Warzone or Dota 2. 

Every person who runs a tournament with us will receive:

  • Custom tournament graphic assets created by us
  • Tournament value up to $250+ for 7 days with 2,000 entries
  • Can have users watch a video of yours in order to enter – optional
  • Links & Socials promoted within Tournament
  • Side Advertisement for promotion within other tournaments
  • One social media spotlight post on socials
  • Announcement on Discord Server 
  • You can compete in this tournament and have your name stickied to the top (market to your followers to compete vs you in a tournament) 
  • If you believe you exceed these minimum requirements, reach out to [email protected]

Below are the requirements for applying for the Community Spotlight Series

  • Must stream 3-4 days per week and must mention tournament on stream if you are chosen
  • Or, post at least once per week on YouTube
  • Views/Viewership – Minimum 50 concurrent viewers or above 500 views per YouTube video 
  • Fill out the form on Discord/Website, OR reply on Social Media with your Twitch/YouTube link
  • Must be over 13 years of age

Please note that aside from the 13 years of age part, we will be lenient about the other requirements. Don’t let them stop you from applying (unless you’re not at least 13…lol).

We will be posting periodically on our Twitter where you can drop your stream link, or you can simply fill out the form linked above.