Aaron Fletcher, CEO and co-founder of Repeat

When we started Repeat, we felt that competitive gaming wasn’t living up to its potential. Tournaments were only accessible to the top 1% of 1% of gamers, prize pools were out of reach for nearly all competitors, and gamers would have to derail their schedule to participate.

What if gamers could enjoy the thrill of competitive gameplay by simply logging hours on their favorite video game title? Repeat has made this a reality with our ‘Always On’ online esports platform. With just a single click, gamers can now access hundreds of online esports tournaments without the need for any bloatware. Gamers no longer have to show up to face off at a specific time; they can play whenever they want and as many times as they wish. Repeat also makes it easier to win by increasing prize pool payouts to the top 30-40% of participants instead of the usual top 3 winners.

As gaming heated up in 2020 due to the pandemic, we saw demand for our unique competitive experience explode. Repeat has grown exponentially and our user base has skyrocketed by 550% in the last four months alone. Simply put, Repeat is a huge hit with gamers around the world.

We know that as an industry, esports has collectively struggled to develop meaningful marketing metrics to give brands peace of mind about their investments in the esports space. Over the last year, Repeat has proven that when it comes to working with brands, we’ve created a solution to enable them to connect directly with our gamers and engage with 100% of them. We’ve increased transparency around the campaign process and now generate measurable and repeatable ROI.

This was made possible with our new turnkey automation and analytics platform for brand tournament campaigns.

Over the past year, we’ve been testing out a scalable technology approach to branded tournament campaigns with numerous companies, including General Mills Totino’s, national organizations like U.S. Army, and other popular consumer brands like Papa John’s and Honey. The results speak for themselves. Using our platform, we have helped brands:

  • Jumpstart tournaments with thousands of entrants in a matter of days
  • Reach millions of gamers throughout a weeks-long campaign
  • Generate leads at a 70% cost savings over other marketing channels
  • Make promo codes go viral and generate insane conversion rates and average revenue-per-transaction

What else can you do with Repeat?

  • Run esports campaigns that reach tens of thousands of gamers in a matter of weeks, with the ability to scale to up to millions of participants.
  • Set and forget campaigns with zero management of competitor rankings or prize fulfillment.
  • A/B test your campaign to see what content is performing best with gamers, and shift and tweak your approach to maximize results.
  • Require custom entry conditions to ensure direct engagement with your brand, such as app downloads, video viewing, or a product purchase.
  • Target specific age groups, geographic locations, and other cohorts to fine tune your audience exposure.

Read more about our new platform for brands in our press announcement. Ready to build your first campaign with Repeat? Sign up here.