Winning products as prizes is now available on the Repeat tournament platform! Make sure you claim your prizes when tournaments end.

We’re so excited to announce our most recent update to the Repeat platform which will allow users to claim not only cash and coin prizes, but also items which are available in the Repeat marketplace or other items coming in the future.

What are Product as Prizes?

Product as prizes are a brand new way to win on Repeat. We now allow competitors the chance to win anything that can be found on our marketplace, and more. Obviously you can still win Cash and Coins as always but now it’s possible to win all sorts of unique prizes in the future.

What Prizes Can I Win?

Competitors on Repeat can win anything that can be found on the Marketplace as well as cash and coins. These prizes include gift cards from all the games and platforms you play on as well as any special prizing we decide to add in the future. For example, users in Australia can currently participate in the Digital Cash by Neosurf tournament which has prizes as well as physical products awarded to the top players in the tournament.

products as prizes

Where Can I win Product Prizes?

Product prizes can be won by any Repeat competitor in tournaments that show special prizing in the “Prize Pool” tab, you can find the prize pool for any tournament on the tab list at the top of the page.

In the prize pool you can then see any mix of coins, cash or product as prizes that can be won!

How Do I Claim My Repeat Prizes?

To claim your prizes, follow the link provided in your notification or go to your prize inventory, this can be found in the Marketplace under the “My Prizes” button.

You can also claim your prizing from the tournament page of the tournament you participated in, just look out for this banner.

Once you’ve navigated to your prize inventory, you’ll find a “Claim” button next to each eligible prize. Clicking this button initiates the claiming process, which might require additional steps depending on the prize type – such as selecting a region for gift card prizes.

My Prizes Expire?

All prizes have expiration dates, especially promotional items or codes. It’s crucial to claim your prizes before they expire. If you find yourself with an expired prize, contact customer support for assistance. They may be able to help you on a case-by-case basis. Further support articles can be found here.

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