The Rocket League community is loving the Repeat Carry Tax Invitational! Check out the best clips from the February stream.

The Carry Tax Invitational by Repeat is an engaging tournament where skilled amateurs team up with professional Rocket League players. What sets this event apart is its unique gameplay: instead of traditional goal-based victories, teams earn points based on the cash earned by their amateur player through specific in-game actions, such as scoring goals or demolishing the opposing pro player. These pro players step back to support and set up their rookie teammates for success.

But the amateurs were more than ready to shine in Mizu’s Carry Tax Invitational. This collection of the best clips from the invitational showcases flashy goals, synchronized passes, and brutal demolitions as they try to earn huge rewards on top of the generous prize pool. Keep an eye out for Repeat’s online qualifiers; you too could impress spectators and pros.

Soggyboy Assist Himself

After Mizu blocks a shot from Team Retals, Soggyboy starts his offense from the other side of the pitch. Coming from the side, Soggyboy fakes a goal and launches it to the back wall; then, he slides, waits a moment, and beautifully catches it mid-air for the point.

MrKraken’s Fast Goal

Luminosity Gaming’s CHEESE and his partner MrKraken were in sync during the tournament, and this clip shows off their natural synergy. At the kickoff, CHEESE throws the ball to the side, trusting his partner to make the shot but also staying near just in case. After the first shot clips the edge of the goal, CHEESE bumps high and MrKraken follows up to dunk it in.

I Party 24 7 Unstoppable Goal

I Party 24 7 displays impressive control by delivering the ball from their side of the pitch to the end without losing possession. Teammate LG Retals was also quick on the assist to extend the play.

Goals And Demos During Crunch Time

Team Retals were only up $600 against Team Arsenal’s $1430 in the last 20 seconds of the game. But in the last 10 seconds, I Party 24 7 pulls a smooth demo on Dignitas Arsenal, before scoring the final goal. With one second left to spare, MrKraken still manages to find a demo on LG Retals to add another $300 to their final tally.

Koolaid’s Dominant Start

Players who missed their chance to qualify can test their fortune to be invited during the Twitch stream. The two lucky invites from chat stole the show and came out swinging during Mizu’s Carry Tax Invitational. One of the invites, Koolaid, shocks everyone by immediately earning $450 in the first three seconds of the match.

Cleanest Goal Of The Tournament

Swb, the second player chosen from the chat, was initially underperforming despite excellent assists from his teammate LG MaJicBear. Down $150 to Team AYYJAYY’s $750, Swb decides to contest the ball high up in the corner and transitions it into the cleanest play of the tournament. Following that shot, Swb proceeds to play immaculate Rocket League for the rest of the match, ending with $1800 for their team.

Pros Popping Off

The last match of the Mizu Carry Tax Invitational was a 3v3 best-of-5 match starring the pro players. The intense showdown went all the way to the fifth match, with many great plays along the way. M80’s AYYJAYY proves he’s a beast in the air with his double flip reset against a full team of defenders. Dignitas Arsenal also follows up on AYYJAYY’s air dribble when it didn’t quite hit the mark.

The Luminosity duo, Retals and CHEESE, synchronized to score a last-second goal to bring the fourth game to a tie. Finally, MaJicBear’s stylish, solo play was a lesson in finesse in Rocket League.