Connect your social media accounts to your Repeat account and grow your following with every tournament you enter! Your icons show up on the has been adding the ability for gamers and streamers to grow their following by allowing users to connect their social media accounts to their Repeat account, and the list of these social media platforms you can add just got bigger!

Along with Twitch, which was introduced with the Watch Live feature, and Twitter, which was added a couple of weeks ago, users now have the ability to connect their YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Connecting Your Twitch Account


Users have the ability to show their Twitch streams inside tournament pages that get hundreds of thousands of eyes on them every month. Several Repeat users have seen their average Twitch viewers go up as a result of adding their Twitch to their Repeat account, and it only takes a couple minutes to set this up.

It can be daunting trying to get a following on Twitch, especially with so many new gamers joining the streaming platform every month. This is a unique opportunity to not only win money, but also grow your Twitch audience.

Connecting Your Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Accounts


Twitch is not the only platform you can connect to your Repeat account. We’ve also now added the ability for users to connect their Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube account to their Repeat Account , and you can remove these at any time from your profile page if you wish. This leads us to the next exciting feature.

Social Media Icons Show On Leaderboards

If you have added any one of the above social media accounts to your Repeat account, the icons for each account will show up on the leaderboard of any tournament you have entered and other users can click these which will link to your account you have connected.

We hope this little tutorial will lead to you growing your social media following and get those average view counts up! If you tweet at us @repeatgg with how these features helped, we will shout you out on our social media pages!