Repeat is hosting the Euro Clash, a Warzone tournament where regional qualifiers will get a chance to win massive prizes in a live event on Twitch

Attention all Call of Duty: Warzone players in the UK, Ireland, France, Benelux, Dach, and Scandinavia regions, now is your time to shine with more than €30,000 in total prizes on the line! 

Repeat is hosting the Euro Clash, which is a massive Warzone tournament event to find out who the best players are in these regions. Keep reading to find out exactly how everything will work. 

Euro Clash Regional Warzone Qualifiers

To start, Repeat will be hosting qualifier leaderboard Warzone tournaments, five of them with their own €1,000 prize pool each, which will be region locked to following five regions:

  • UK/Ireland – Prize will be £1,000
  • France
  • Benelux
  • Dach
  • Scandinavia

The qualifiers will run from March 18 through April 8.

Not only do these tournaments have their own large prize pool, but the top 18 players on the leaderboard from EACH region will each receive an invite to participate in a live tournament on the Repeat Twitch channel with €25,000 in prizes. Yes, your math is correct, 90 players in total from Repeat qualifiers will be invited. 

Euro Clash Broadcast Finals

The Euro Clash Finals will be an incredible opportunity for Warzone players to shine and be discovered from these regions, on top of winning some serious cash prizes.

The Finals will consist of the top 18 players from the qualifiers joining 2 Warzone professionals from each region to make a full 100 player lobby. They will play in five matches on Ukistaine with each match having its own $2,000 prize for the players that finish 1st (€1,000), 2nd (€750) and 3rd (€250). 

Additionally, there will be a €200 prize for the top fraggers within each region for each match, so €5,000 total. Meaning each of the five matches on the stream will have €3,000 awarded.

To cap it all off, the region which finishes with the highest combined score from the five matches will earn €500 for each of the 20 players from that region. So even if you don’t finish top 3 on the leaderboard or a top fragger, you can still win!

The event will take place on April 16 from 6 – 11PM CET.

How do Warzone Tournaments Work on Repeat?

Repeat is an online leaderboard platform which allows players to compete in regular matches online and be awarded a score based on your performance in the game. Players are then sorted in a leaderboard based on your best 10 games, so your scores can only improve over time and you can play as often as you want. 

For the Euro Clash Qualifiers, these are the easy steps you have to take to make sure your scores are counting: 

  1. Signup on Repeat, then connect your Activision ID
  2. Join the tournament 
  3. Play the Battle Royale playlist (any team size)

It’s really that simple! Repeat automatically records your scores based on your stats, for example kills, placement, deaths, and damage. 

Get started by joining the qualifiers now (note, only those from the regions listed will be able to join).