Repeat has introduced new features including user profiles and adding Twitch, Twitter to help you grow your following and track your gameplay.

Over the past month or so, several exciting changes have been released on the platform which are designed to give the users more information about their gameplay and progress, and also give them the ability to help grow their streaming or social media following.

From the shiny new profile page to bringing League of Legends tournaments back on the platform, we ended 2020 on a great note and cannot wait to bring you even more amazing features, new games, more tournament styles, and much, much more in 2021.

Completely Revamped My Tournaments Page

Ever wanted to show your friends how much you’re crushing it on Now you can.

Easily one of the more exciting things we have released on the platform, the all new profile page gives you access to your stats and tournaments like never before. There’s a lot to unpack in that screenshot above, so here it goes:

  • The “My Tournaments” page now links you to a completely customized profile page
  • Find your statistics for each game you have competed in tournaments
  • See your connected Game IDs for each game and also your connected social media accounts, plus add new IDs or accounts from this page
  • See all active and past tournaments you have competed in, as well as how much you won in past tournaments
  • See your personal Repeat statistics
  • Custom banner – you can upload a custom cover photo for your profile
  • Total earnings – see how much you have earned on and also decide if you want that information to be public or private

Connecting Your Twitch Account


We introduced the Watch Live feature to the Repeat platform several weeks ago now, but have been tweaking it and making it better since that time. Users now have the ability to show their Twitch streams inside tournament pages that get hundreds of thousands of eyes on them.

It can be daunting trying to get a following on Twitch, especially with so many new gamers joining the streaming platform every month. This is a unique opportunity to not only win money, but also grow your Twitch audience.

Connecting Your Twitter Account

Twitch is not the only platform you can connect to your Repeat account. We’ve also now added the ability for users to add a Twitter account to your username, and you can remove these at any time from your profile page if you wish. This leads us to the next exciting feature.

Added Twitch/Twitter Icons Next to Usernames in Leaderboards

We’re always looking for ways for users to grow their personal following, so we decided to add icons which link out to user’s Twitch and Twitter accounts if they have them linked to their Repeat profile. tournament pages receive millions of impressions every month, so make sure to connect your accounts so people can follow you!

League of Legends Returns


League of Legends is one of the largest games in the world, which is why we couldn’t wait to get tournaments back and running on our website. We worked with Riot Games to bring them back and they will remain in a Beta state until we are able to launch these tournaments officially with multiple different tournament styles.

Read our blog about LoL returning and these new tournament styles here. is one of the largest automated esports tournament platforms in the world. Keep checking back on our social media or this blog for updates in the future.