New maps can be challenging to figure out and take time to adjust to: lucky for you we have 5 Dota 2 tips for playing the new map.

Dota 2’s 7.33 patch was a massive update to the game that added, changed, and reworked many key features. The most significant change is reworking the map to become wider, including more camps, and adding several smaller objectives teams should fight over. This new map dictated the dominant heroes of the meta, as the top-tier characters could take advantage of the new playing space.

The article will offer Dota 2 tips for playing the new map. Buckle up because there’s a lot to cover, and the sooner you’ll adapt, the higher you’ll climb up divisions.

Stack and Clear Neutrals Fast

An efficient tip for playing the new map in patch 7.33 is to take advantage of all the gold present in the map. Core heroes who can clear neutrals fast can reap the rewards of all the neutral camps on the map. Supports are also incentivized to stack for their carries since they’ll earn additional experience when the stack is cleared.

Cores should never run out of space to farm because of the expanded neutral camps near the sidelanes, especially since they can always teleport to the other side using Twin Gates. Another reason to go all out farming neutrals is that you’ll earn your team neutral item tokens, which they can use to complement their builds.

Secure Twin Gates

The new Twin Gates is the most important structure in Dota 2’s new map. Located on the side lanes, interacting with the Twin Gates lets you teleport to the other one across the map. This means that the sidelines aren’t isolated from one another anymore, as players can easily jump to the other lane for a quick gank. If you’re playing support, you should utilize the Twin Gates often enough that your opponents will fear overextending.

The Twin Gates also offers sneaky access to the Roshan pits and the underutilized camps on the edges of the map. Controlling the Twin Gates lets your team go for aggressive invades on an otherwise safe place to farm.

Contest the Secondary Objectives

Many players haven’t fully adapted to all the new objectives on the map. Coordinate your team to contest these objectives, and watch your advantages and net worth slowly increase. Fight for the Lotus Pool, steal the enemy’s Wisdom Rune, take over their Tormentor, and terrorize their neutral camp stacks so they lose out on precious gold and experience.

Of course, towers and Roshan should be prioritized, but capitalizing on these secondary objectives will make your game much smoother. Remember, if you’re trying to take Dota 2 seriously, it’s all about teamplay and working together.

Gank and Deathball

Old trends are coming back, as ganking early and often is more rewarding after patch 7.33. Players earn more gold by securing a kill or earning assists, and supports are encouraged to make aggressive rotations to jump-start their team’s economy. After an item or two, the midlaner and offlaner are also expected to look for kills, as it’s a much more efficient way to earn gold and experience.

Furthermore, aura items are also stronger and cheaper in Dota 2’s current meta. Low economy offlaners, especially those purchasing Guardian Greaves, provide a compelling reason for your team to group up, deathball, and force objectives together. The meta is undoubtedly more fun for spectators since games turn into back-to-back bloodbaths.

Set-Up Vision For Objectives

The wider map has teams scrambling for vision control. The problem is also exacerbated by the fewer sentries available in the shop, meaning that a failed deward is more punishing, especially when there are heroes with invisibility in the match. When it comes to playing around vision, you’ll have to anticipate what objectives or towers you’ll push so you can start warding the area.

For example, don’t put defensive wards if your team is the aggressor, and create vision on the sidelines when aiming for Roshan. Also, keep one Observer ward on the high ground during a fight. Your team’s superior will be the key to winning fights.

We hope you enjoyed these Dota 2 tips for playing the new map! Sign up for tournaments on and put these strategies to the test.