Good news for all of our League of Legends players: Tournaments are back and available to enter on! These will be in Beta until further notice.

We are thrilled to announce League of Legends tournaments have returned to Repeat!

We will be running it in a beta state to make sure it is stable and updated with all the new awesome features we have added since it was last on Repeat.

Repeat cannot be happier for our LoL users to get back to earning big in our tournaments!

Coin and Product Tournaments Only

All tournaments for League of Legends will have coin and product prizes due to a request from Riot Games, but once we launch team based tournaments in 2021 we will be introducing cash prize pools back to League of Legends.

Coins earned in these tournaments can be redeemed at any time in our Marketplace for great prizes like Riot RP cards, Amazon Gift Cards and many other prizes. If you have any suggestions for prizes and products please don’t hesitate to reach out on Discord as we are always looking for new items to add.

Beta Mode – Expected Changes Coming

You also may have seen that these tournaments are technically in Beta. This is because of so many exciting changes we want to launch along with League of Legends officially coming out of a beta stage so we can offer more than coins as prizes in tournaments. Some things we are working on for a launch in Q1 are:

  • Product tournaments – also called “merch” tournaments, these will offer the winners a chance to get some of their favorite League of Legends gear or merchandise. This could be anything from t-shirts, hoodies, or even gaming equipment.
  • RP Cards for Winners – some tournaments may offer a number of RP cards to the winners rather than coins
  • Branded Tournaments – some of your favorite brands will partner with Repeat and give away their products to the winners of tournaments, or even to anyone who has entered a tournament.

We know many of our users love this game as much as we do and can’t wait for you to see all we have in store for the coming months in League of Legends. We will have daily, weekly and monthly huge coin tournaments available for you to enter all the way through the beta. Once we come out of the beta, we hope to have all the above mentioned changes, and potentially much more!

League Of Legends Best Support

How to Enter League of Legends Tournaments

For any potential new users to, entering tournaments could not possibly be easier. All you have to do is:

  • Sign up for an account
  • Connect your Riot ID to your account
  • Enter a tournament (as many as you want, your games will count for all tournaments that are live when you played those games)
  • Play ranked games (as many as you want, we only count your best scores in our tournaments) is one of the largest automated online esports tournament platforms in the world with hundreds of thousands competing in tournaments for Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, League of Legends and Dota 2. Sign up now to begin playing!