Looking for reasons to play on the weekend? You just found them as Repeat has added Weekend Cash and Coin Cups.

While some of you prefer to only play in our free-entry tournaments, we know the real competitive Repeat players are looking for ways to challenge themselves every day. This is where our cash and coin entry tournaments come in to play, which gives users the ability to bet on themselves and keep earning in their account.

Good news for those of you willing to part with those hard-earn coins or cash, Repeat has added even more with the introduction of the Weekend Cash Cup and Weekend Coin Cups.

Weekend Cash Cups

The Weekend Cash Cups (and the Weekend Coin Cups for League of Legends) will have a bit more prestige that come along with playing in them.

Winners of these will get a shout out on our social media pages and also be granted entry into the following weekend’s events for FREE.

This, of course, is on top of the benefit of winning more cash into your account so you can get that item in the Repeat Marketplace you’ve had your eyes on.

Weekend Coin Cups

The Weekend Coin Cups for our non-League of Legends games are just a fun way to add coins into your account if you place high enough in them. If you’ve been sitting on coins in your account, why not try to put them to good use by getting even more?

Both tournament types will take place over the entire weekend. They will start counting games at 12pm PST and go all the way until 11:59pm PST on Sunday night. And both of these tournaments will have a regular and an “elite” version, which are for the top competitors and come with a higher entry fee, but also a higher payout.

Repeat Adds Game Admins To Help Protect Against Cheating

One of the biggest issues we face as a tournament hosting platform are cheaters. Repeat have recently added Game Admins who are experts in the games we have and are in a unique position to identify cheaters and assist our support staff.