Fortnite streamers are some of the best content creators out there, but these are 10 you should be following for top tier entertainment.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, with an average of 83 million people playing monthly. Fortnite has a healthy player base of casuals, professional esports competitors, and content creators who are skilled at the game and entertaining their viewers. The top Fortnite streamers you should follow are electric on-screen, capable of capturing passionate fans with their top-tier plays, educational content, and unique personalities.


Tfue is the quintessential Fortnite streamer you should follow if all you need is your fix for superb competitive full-length matches. In addition, Tfue often streams Fortnite tournaments like Twitch Rivals, which also includes comms, so you can glimpse how the pros make callouts. Aside from that, Tfue also brings his A-game when racking up high eliminations in regular matches.


SypherPK has been streaming since Fortnite started experimenting with its free battle royale mode, despite the game’s stagnancy and eventual resurgence. When there’s a glaring issue with the game, SypherPK is the community’s voice. He frequently streams and uploads fun, diverse content. SypherPK truly deserves his in-game icon skin.


Loeya boasts impressive lifetime stats, with most of her highs placing her in the top 0.1% of players. Expect aggressive pushes and smart plays during her streams, as her self-dubbed Loeyalist can attest to witnessing. There’s never a dull moment during her streams as she’s vocal about her plays while also making time to interact with her chat.


Ranger is a great Fortnite streamer to follow for all-around entertainment. He delivers on all fronts—from positive streams to consistently interacting with chat, he always radiates positivity in his content. Ranger also frequently does challenge runs or hosts custom games for his community.


Dakotaz is the most consistent streamer on this list, a perfect Fortnite personality you should follow if you need a regular livestream. Dakotaz also has a pleasant speaking voice so you can tune in to his laid-back streams from start to finish. Outside of streams, Dakotaz posts stream highlights or masterful montages of his hype kills.


Sommerset consistently improves her game by grinding it out at the competitive side of Fortnite. She’s an inspiration for casual players looking to break into the Fortnite Competitive scene and any e-sports events catered to new blood. Additionally, she’s one the streamers who prefers duking it out in the mechanically-difficult build mode instead of the faster-paced no-build mode.


Lazarbeam has fun whenever he’s on screen, and it spills over into his vibe. Unfortunately, Lazarbeam posts less Fortnite than he used to, but he’s still someone you should be following because it’s a treat when he does. Lazarbeam’s videos are short and sweet, cleanly edited to entertain and showcase great plays. He also has an icon skin that resembles a construction worker, showing his roots before he became a full-time content creator.


Australian streamer and content creator Loserfruit is another personality to have an icon skin commemorated in the game. However, unlike other streamers who host custom games, hers have unique rulesets that create chaotic but fun times. In addition, Loserfruit has a healthy amount of diverse content, and you can tell she thinks about each stream and video.

Nate Hill

Nate Hill is a professional gamer on FaZe Clan’s active roster. Most streamers and e-sport athletes in Fortnite are relatively young, often making their live streams full of energy. As a streamer, Nate Hill is mature, calm, and collected (although even he isn’t immune to bursting into excitement from a hype play). Additionally, Nate is responsive to his audience, always willing to teach or engage in lighthearted banter.


If you want to stay in the know about Fortnite’s prominent players and landmark events, AussieAntics is content creator that makes educational documentaries archiving these moments. AussieAntics talks details the journey of notable players and incites discussions on important issues of the game. He also creates educational to improve your understanding of Fortnite.


NickEh30’s positivity is simply infectious. He’s one of the most optimistic streamers in the community, and you’ll never leave in a bad mood after tuning into his streams. Although Nick is a skilled player who can handle lobbies by himself, most of his content revolves around interacting with his fans on wacky custom games.