League of Legends Competitive is full of some incredible matches and players, which has led to some insane stats over the years.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a legend? The League of Legends World Championship arena is not only a caucus of dedicated pro-players to gather as a community and compete for the ultimate prize—millions of dollars and a skin to match the glorious victory. As the top professional players clash, they’re also on a quest to shatter personal records to make their mark within League of Legends’ competitive history.

Keep reading to learn more about these impressive stats from League of Legends competitive.

League of Legends Peak Viewership – 6.4 million

In the recent age for video game streaming, the gaming community has found a new revitalized niche in media consumption. It follows that when you play to be watched, you play to impress to maintain your viewership. But the World Tournaments is not a mere stream but an avenue of League of Legend Stars. This platform magnifies the gravity of pressure to perform in front of millions of viewers.

Around 6.4 million peak viewership—that’s how many spectators convened to watch the conclusion of the 2023 championship among 22 teams funneling in a prestigious clash between Weibo Gaming against T1. The grand finals between the Chinese powerhouses and Korean staples ended with a clean 3-0 sweep in favor of T1. Even though this is Faker’s fourth Worlds championship, T1’s toplaner Zeus deservedly received the MVP award.

Longest Period for a Single Game – 1 hour, 34 minutes and 37 seconds

On average, a little more than half an hour is enough to destroy an enemy nexus in a regular round of a League of Legends game. Imagine, however, if the game drags on for over a double of the average gametime. This was what transpired in the LCK Spring 2018 tournament battle between Jin Air Green Wings and SK Telecom T1 in a best-of-three match.

In the final game of the match breaking the 1 win tie, these South Korean teams clashed for a whopping total of 1 hour 34 minutes and 37 seconds with a decisive onslaught by Jin Air Green Wings. Despite the game’s length, it was a relatively low kill game, ending with 16-8 in favor of Jin Air.

Shortest Game Length – 7 minutes and 30 seconds

It was not trolling when a record was made by a match lasting for a momentous yet uneventful 7 minutes and 30 seconds tagged as the shortest match in League of Legends Competitive History. Nami failed to keep the waves rolling in the LTL 2019 opening when the match between Another Troll Team and TopHard Esports ended in less than ten minutes.

It was brow-arching to see after what appears to be a defeatist move by the blue team jungler retreating to the blue buff after an initial position in the red when it was invaded by the enemy team. This questionable attitude arose from what was allegedly a forced play despite connectivity issues and the losing team just decided to throw it away.

Most Kills in a League of Legends Competitive Match – 17

While it is not the primary objective of a League of Legends Game, dealing devastating deaths against the enemy party is a huge leverage in determining the fate of a game. A single kill can cripple the victim and the same goes against the progress of the entire team. Bringing death like the ruined king, Karsa dealt the most kills as a jungler in single match in the 2022 Spring Split Playoffs between Victory Five and JD Gaming.

With an impressive record of 17 kills, the most in any match in competitive history of League of Legends, Karsa attempted to carry his team with a Viego-pick for three games but to no avail with only a single one. While a loss is still a loss; likewise, a record remains to be a testimony of a historical feat.

Most Collective Kills in the Worlds Tournament – 400

Revered to be as one of the fabled players of the League of Legends, Faker comes in as the player breaking the longest running record of a 350 collective kills of another legendary player Uzi. Having breaches an almost insurmountable amount not only means being able to kill in matches but a consistent placement in teams to play in the World Tournaments.

This record comprise not only of team fight kills where faker ultimately deals the final blow but also kills where he single-handedly tear down and opponent to shreds until an imminent kill with a record of 30 solo kills throught the world championships and 12 in select matches in 2013 only.