Popular streamer and Fortnite pro player TSM Ops has partnered with Repeat to bring you the Ops Creative Invitational, a $3,000 weekly Fortnite event.

One of the more exciting things a gamer can have the opportunity to do is play with one of their favorite professional players. Fortnite streamers host Zone Wars tournaments all the time, with professionals getting invitations and only occasionally do underrated players get their chance to prove how good they are against the elite.

Repeat and TSM Ops are looking to change that.

Introducing the Ops Creative Invitational (OCI)

TSM Ops and Repeat.gg are teaming up to bring you the Ops Creative Invitational, a weekly Fortnite event which will start with $3,000 in cash prizes per week for a month straight ($12,000 in total) and feature some of the best professional Fortnite Zone Wars players in the game, such as Faze Sway, Unknown, Khanada, etc. 8 Teams will battle it out each week for the prizes.

But there is a twist.

The OCI will also include two teams which qualify for the event via a tournament on Repeat.gg. This qualifier will have 5,000 spots available and have its own $500 prize pool ($2,000 total). The top two finishers will be invited to the invitational main event and be allowed to pick whoever they want as their duos partner. This qualifier will be Arena Solos game mode only.

Have you dreamed of getting your name out there and taking down one of your favorite Fortnite pros? This is your chance.

When Does The Ops Creative Invitational Start?

The first qualifier will begin on Tuesday, February 2 and the first OCI main event will take place on February 9 at 4pm EST.

What Is The Format of the OCI Main Event?

The first OCI main event will be duos, but the subsequent main events could be any of 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, and will be announced the week prior to the main event.

How Do I Know Which Pros Will Be In The Finals?

They will announce on their twitter accounts and also be announced via Repeat.gg and TSM Ops on Twitter.

What Is The Payout Structure For OCI Main Event?

The OCI Main Event will have a prize pool of $3,000 every week! 1st place will win $2,000 and 2nd place wins $1,000.

What Region Will OCI Be Played On?

The region for the qualifiers will be open to everyone, however the main event will take place on NA East servers – no exceptions.

What Happens After OCI Qualifiers?

The top 2 winners from the qualifier will be contacted by Repeat.gg and must select their team members to be invited to compete against professional teams. The winners MUST respond in a timely manner to communication from Repeat.gg with all team member information, or else they will be passed over for the next place in the qualifier.

How do Repeat.gg Tournaments Work?

Repeat.gg tracks your gameplay without the use of third-party software and all you have to do is signup and connect your Epic ID to your Repeat account. For the OCI qualifiers, we will track only your games played in Solo Arenas.

You get 1 point for kills, 10 points for wins, 5 points for Top 10 finish, and 2 points for Top 25 finish. Only your best 10 results count for the qualifier so you can play as many games as you can within the tournament time and only your best scores will add up to your score.