is again celebrating the holiday season with nine tournaments and seven exciting holiday giveaways featuring six brands.

For those of you who have been long time users, you know every year we like to try and give back to our users by having huge giveaways during the holidays. 

This year is no different, like last year, as part of each brand’s giveaway, Repeat will also be hosting FREE to enter tournaments. Tournaments run across all of our titles: Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and DOTA 2. Each tournament has a side advertisement linking to that brand’s giveaway. Again, in total, all tournaments and giveaways add up to more than $10,000 in Prize Pools and Giveaways.

As an added BONUS, we will be doing a SEVENTH giveaway being run off of where one lucky winner will win a GRAND PRIZE containing items from all six brands. 

Keep reading to see all of the tournaments and giveaways.

ROCCAT $1,000 Fortnite Cup & Giveaway


ROCCAT is synonymous with gaming as their products are top of the line, every time. This is why any gamer will want to be paying attention to this giveaway!

The ROCCAT $1,000 Fortnite Holiday Cup, like all the rest of our tournaments for the holidays, will begin on Dec 15 at 12 pm PST. You’ll have three full days to register and then games will begin counting on the 15th.

Be sure to check the game modes tracked under the rules tab after you enter the tournament here.

ROCCAT is also giving away SEVEN Vulcan TKL Pro keyboards in their giveaway which can be entered here.

GIVEAWAY WINNERS BELOW (email [email protected] to claim your prize):

Jesús Nieves-Padilla
Oskar Cz
Jake L
Mohammed AL-Hayouti
David Rafferty
Victor Bosak
Robert Maynard

Buffalo Wild Wings $1,000 Warzone Cup, $1,000 Fortnite Cup and Giveaway

Buffalo Wild Wings has some of the best food in the business. Whether it’s their mouth-watering combination of wing styles and sauces, or their out-of-this-world hamburgers and other items, you can never go wrong with Buffalo Wild Wings.

BWW will be co-hosting TWO tournaments with $2,000 in total prize pools, one for Warzone and one for Fortnite, on top of an amazing giveaway! Those who enter the giveaway will have a chance to win a $25 gift card. One of thirty-six for a total of $900 in gift cards given out. To enter this awesome giveaway, go here.

To enter the Buffalo Wild Wings Warzone tournament, click here.

To enter the Buffalo Wild Wings Fortnite tournament, click here.

Also, don’t miss out on getting an additional $5 eBonus on any gift card purchase of $30 or above. This offer only lasts until December 31st. Limit 4 per person. Click here.

GIVEAWAY WINNERS BELOW (email [email protected] to claim your prize)

Brigitte Bauman
Thomas Morton
Jesse McGrory
dacotas martindale
Driq Toledo
Michelle Bihay
Kimberly Zais
Steve Maughan
Lindell Palmer
Benjamin Jeseritz
Marjorie Fors
Donald Lester
Daniel Zapata
Jason McCalla
Kerry Matthews
Kelly McBurney
Rodante R
Donna Bivens
Nathan Lindsay
Emilee Mapes
Stephanie Tam
Austin Ingram
Adam Pike
Brandon Sparks
LeeRoy Oliver
Tom Campbell
Cassie Griffiths
Samantha Holt
Connie Tucker
tony mor
Alexander Dobek
Robert Haught
Tabitha Olson
Rachael Debates
Tristan Kerr

Gillette $1,000 Fortnite Cup & Giveaway

Nobody does shaving like Gillette and we would like to introduce GilletteLabs razor with built-in exfoliation technology, for a shave as quick and easy as washing your face. Includes razor handle, 3 blade refills, magnetic stand, and travel case.

We are proud to co-host a Fortnite tournament with them with $1,000 in the prize pool! They will also be sponsoring a giveaway in which 19 winners will receive one of their new Gillette Labs razor travel kits!

To enter the Gillette Fortnite tournament with $1,000 in CASH prizes, click here.

To enter the giveaway, go here.

GIVEAWAY WINNERS BELOW (email [email protected] to claim your prize)

Vennia Upchurch
Richard Brown
Kevin Luna
Gregory Schwarz
Robert Haught
Richard Hennes
Mike Nehring
Eden Shoop
Jenna Frost
steph lac
Sean Pierson
Samantha Reilly
Alex Hoffman
Donna Bailey
Sonya Allstun
Bradly Wolkis
Gloria Wirth
joshua barron

EPOS 2,500,000 Coin League of Legends Tournament & Giveaway + Fifeteen $25 RP Cards to top 15 Winners

The H6PRO offers an expansive soundstage with unrivaled realism and natural gaming audio for use in quiet environments or when you want to stay aware of your surroundings. A slim, detachable microphone boom arm and a sleek lightweight headband offer exceptional comfort and convenience.

They are sponsoring a League of Legends tournament on Repeat which comes with a 2,500,000 coin prize pool and on top of that, the first through fifteen winners will receive a $25 RP Card! Remember, you can redeem coins for items like RP Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and more in the Repeat marketplace.

To enter the EPOS League of Legends tournament, click here.

Winners of the EPOS Holiday Giveaway will receive an H6Pro Headset! To enter the giveaway, go here.

GIVEAWAY WINNERS BELOW (email [email protected] to claim your prize)

Cindy Cochran
Benjamin Jeseritz

Hollister $500 Fortnite Tournament & Giveaway


Hollister creates carefree jeans, tops, hoodies & more, designed to make you, & all teens, feel comfortable in your own skin, and we could not be happier to be co-hosting a tournament and giveaway with them!

To enter the Hollister Fortnite tournament with a $500 prize pool, click here.

On top of the tournament, Hollister will be giving away $100 gift cards to their shop to four lucky winners! To enter the giveaway for a chance at some amazing clothes, go here.

GIVEAWAY WINNERS BELOW (email [email protected] to claim your prize)

Daniel Zapata
John Wong
Doug Bumgarner
Michael Hurt

Bitcoin $250 Dota 2, $250 Warzone and 2,500,000 Coin League of Legends Tournaments and Giveaway

As an addition to the Holiday tournaments with the brands, Repeat is also hosting three separate tournaments to promote our Bitcoin giveaway!

Users can enter our free Dota 2 tournament with $250 in cash prizes, our free Warzone tournament with $250 in cash prizes, or our League of Legends tournament with 2,500,000 coins in prizes.

But you may also enter the giveaway in which four lucky winners will receive $100 worth of Bitcoin. To enter the giveaway, go here.

GIVEAWAY WINNERS BELOW (email [email protected] to claim your prize)

Markus Tröber
Manuel Arias
Tri Nguyen Grand Prize Giveaway

Vast gg

Repeat have partnered with to give away an amazing mega-prize which will be drawn on January 12. One lucky winner will receive a package that includes:

  • $100 in Bitcoin
  • $100 Gift Card from Buffalo Wild Wings
  • $100 Gift Card from Hollister
  • EPOS H6PRO Headset
  • GilletteLabs Razor Travel Kit
  • ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro Keyboard – $150 in value

No purchase is necessary to enter any of our Holiday giveaways. Good luck competing in the tournaments and with the giveaway draws!

Winners announced on Twitter!