Repeat is proud to be partnering with GGWP Academy for a tournament series which will help promote aspiring streamers and content creators.

The Good Game Well Played Academy has been helping aspiring video game streamers and content creators kick start their careers by showing them how to build an online presence.

We hope to continue that mission by providing a platform for these up and coming gamers to be discovered.

Repeat and GGWP Academy will be co-hosting tournaments on’s leading esports tournament platform, each of which will feature one of GGWP’s content creators so they can be introduced to a completely new audience.

What is GGWP Academy?

The GGWP Academy program allows gamers to learn all the ins and outs of building a brand for themselves. Gamers can take online courses which will give tips they may not have known and learn how to grow their channels.

  • Join their community of streamers on Discord and learn the best practice habits
  • Build your online profile and send it straight to brands
  • Learn how to increase your engagement by 10x

You will be given help at every step of the way in your journey to earning a living as a gaming influencer.

What will GGWP Academy do with Repeat?

Repeat will provide cash prize pool tournaments each month and these will feature a content creator from the GGWP Academy. This gives that gamer a chance to be discovered by a completely new audience and further grow their personal brand.

From our Watch Live Twitch feature, to connecting social accounts, to the Community Spotlight Series, Repeat has always strived to help our community and the gaming community as a whole. 

Influencers who get their own tournament can also use our entry condition feature to promote themselves or a brand they are working with. For example, users were required to watch the below video before entering the Honey tournament with this video provided by Maven.

We believe this partnership with GGWP Academy will only further that mission. Gamers helping gamers will always be part of Repeat.

Learn more about the academy here