Repeat is excited to announce our next chapter, as we will be a part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) family, the home of PlayStation and many amazing game studios.

This marks the most significant milestone in Repeat’s history as we continue to reimagine esports and tournaments.

We have been talking with SIE for some time now as we wanted to ensure that our vision and goals aligned.

At Repeat, we have always focused on “Esports for Everyone”. We want to bring the thrill and rush of competition to every gamer, no matter your skill level.

We did this by creating automated, easy to enter tournaments that can scale to millions of simultaneous players and have always focused on creating an inclusive environment where players could compete, improve and have fun!

SIE mirrors this vision, and with their support, Repeat will have the opportunity to scale and create esports events for millions of players. Our goal is to deliver some truly unique experiences at a scale we would not be able to without SIE’s support.

This will lead the way for an amazing future for Repeat, with plenty more game titles, features and updates which we are excited to share with you all in due time.

What does this mean for Repeat?

We will have access to more resources, game titles and technology, which will allow us to grow the team to push Repeat in directions that we had never thought would be possible.

This will allow us to grow Repeat significantly over the next couple of years with plenty of new features, continuing our mission to become synonymous with esports by creating a home where everyone has a chance to compete and win.

Is Repeat going to be PlayStation only

No, Repeat is a gaming community first and foremost and will continue with that focus in mind. We will continue to support PC, mobile and other consoles alongside PlayStation.

This includes the addition of the most popular competitive game titles, regardless of what platform they are available on.

What happens now?

For the short term it will be business as normal for Repeat, and we don’t expect any significant changes.

In the background we will be planning, working and as always getting stuff done!

We are so excited for the future and the ability to work alongside such a powerhouse in gaming; we can’t wait to share what we have planned for the future.

Thank you to those who have given us feedback, competed in tournaments and been active in our community.

The journey has only just begun! Stay tuned for updates and check out our FAQ for more info. For any help setting up your account or questions you have, please join our Discord.

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