The top hard carry roles in Dota 2 possess remarkable effectiveness and adaptability, allowing players to adjust their strategies on the fly.

The 7.33 update in Dota 2 is a game-changing milestone that will leave a lasting impact. One of its key features is the introduction of universal heroes, characters without a primary attribute that can benefit from all stats. These versatile heroes possess remarkable effectiveness and adaptability, allowing players to adjust their strategies on the fly based on the game’s circumstances

With the emergence of universal heroes dominating the meta, hard carries face an arduous challenge. They must either possess the necessary tools to counter these formidable heroes or become universal heroes themselves. Furthermore, they must equip themselves to efficiently farm the expansive jungle to contribute to the team’s objectives. The top hard carries in Dota 2 excel in all of these aspects and more.


Magnus is a perfect second-phase pick because he can excel in all three core roles. However, his glow-up into a universal hero paired with new items lets him excel as one of the top hard carries in Dota 2. As a hard carry, Magnus can opt for a selfish, pure-damage build with items like Harpoon, Mask of Madness, and Daedalus, to quickly finish multiple enemies caught in his Reverse Polarity.

Melee carries are usually kited with crowd control and slows, but Magnus can close the distance and isolate with key targets using Shockwave and Skewer. Furthermore, Magnus is happy to leave the lane early to flash farm in the jungle with Empower.


There are multiple reasons why Bloodseeker is the optimal safe pick for hard carries in this meta. For one, Bloodseeker’s built-in sustain permits him to stay in the lane longer in an otherwise difficult offlane match-up. Against aggressive supports like Techies and offlaners who rush Vanguard, the safe lane is at a stark disadvantage, and it’s quite common for hard carries to abandon their lane for the safety of the jungle. Not only does Bloodseeker shrug it off, but his Thirst ability also keeps many meta heroes in check, such as Slark, Clinkz, and Bounty Hunter.

Moreover, Bloodseeker is not the type of carry who camps in the jungle until they have sufficient items. An active Bloodseeker can threaten enemies with Rupture for a clean kill. As a bonus, Rupture counters several strong heroes, notably Pangolier and Timbersaw.


In a meta dominated by stacking stats, the top hard carry is someone who can use it against them. Slark’s signature ability, Essence Shift, is much more valuable because he can steal the enemy’s stats and convert them into his agility. While Slark may not farm as fast as other carries, he makes up for it with his kit that’s prime for hunting isolated targets. Slark can confidently invade enemy territory, especially since his ultimate alerts him when he’s detected.


After Medusa’s consecutive series of drastic buffs, she’s become one of the most contested heroes in pro and pub play. Medusa received an odd rework where she begins the game with no strength stat and gains, meaning she’s entirely dependent on her Mana Shield to keep her alive. To compensate, Mana Shield now blocks 98% of incoming damage. Medusa is unkillable without any mana-burning heroes or items.

Medusa also naturally builds into Mana Style, which becomes tanky units due to Mana Shield. Add her ability to flash farm jungles and waves with Split Shot, and it’s no wonder why she’s one of the top hard carries in Dota 2.


Among all the newly reintroduced universal heroes, Windranger is relishing it the most. She maintains a staggering win rate consistently above or near 60% in all core roles, with a support win rate surpassing 50%. Windranger isn’t heavily item dependent, only needing one or two Bracers to hit like a truck. Then, she can snowball her early advantage to with on-hit items like Maelstorm and Diffusal Blade to further empower her ultimate.

Windranger’s elusiveness from Windrun and her Shard keeps her safe from most enemies; especially meta picks like Spirit Breaker and Void Spirit. Her simple gameplay of tying an enemy and going to town with her ultimate works all too well, making her the top hard carry in Dota 2.