Repeat has officially launched online Fortnite tournaments on the platform and is giving away $20,000 in prizes in the first month. is thrilled to announce we have officially launched Fortnite tournaments on the platform and they are available to enter now. As one of the more popular games in the world and one that has exploded onto the esports offline tournament scene, we could not possibly be more excited to offer these automated online tournaments for our users. 

Entering a tournament on has never been easier and that remains true for our Fortnite tournaments. After signing up, all you need to do is connect your Epic Games ID to your account on your My Account page. If you are new to the platform and looking for how to add a game ID, check out the below video.

To start earning cash or coins redeemable for prizes, all you have to do is enter tournaments, and you’re done! We will track your Fortnite game play and award a score based on the total from your top performances without the need to download any third-party software. These tournaments are fully automated and you may enter as many as you want at the same time and your games will count towards all those entries. See how our scoring for Fortnite works in the video below.

$13,000 Kungarna Summer Series with TheFortniteGuy, H1ggsy and Denverguy

Fortnite tournaments

Don’t miss out on the more than $20,000 in prizes we’re giving away in the first month of Fortnite, like the Kungarna $13,000 Summer Series with popular Fortnite streamers  TheFortniteGuy, H1ggsy and Denverguy 

$5,000 GFUEL Cup

Fortnite tournaments

Along with the Summer Series, get in on the GFUEL Cup which has an astounding $5,000 prize pool. 

$1,000 US Army Tournament

Fortnite tournaments

If you’re in the New England area of the United States, the US Army is also sponsoring a regional tournament for you with a $1,000 prize pool.

Are you trying to earn money playing Fortnite but can’t crack the nearly impossible to qualify competitive scene? Want to compare your skills to other players with our Fortnite tournament leaderboards? Trying to see if you have what it takes to be a competitive Fortnite player? You can do it all with Sign up now.