So many great Dota 2 content creators out there, but we have a list of some excellent creators who are definitely worth the follow.

Dota 2 is notorious for its complex systems, discouraging new players from getting into the game. Aside from that, the player base mainly consists of loyal veterans playing the game since it was a mod for Warcraft III. As a result, the game’s competitive nature can quickly devolve into toxic situations when a new player can’t keep up with the community’s “common knowledge.”

If that isn’t daunting enough for new players, Dota 2 is a constantly evolving game that drastically changes with every patch, balance update, and reworks. Fortunately, many Dota 2 content creators are worth following that provide educational and entertaining content to encourage the player base.

Dota Watafak

Dota 2 has been out since 2013, and you can’t make a decade-long game without amassing bugs and technical issues. Dota Watafak is well-known for compiling and editing footage featuring the funniest bugs, the weirdest interactions, and epic moments. Dota Watafak is one of the Dota 2 content creators you should follow to witness one-in-a-lifetime plays. Dota Watafak encourages the community to submit their clips to show in their videos.


The beauty of Dota 2 is how complex the game can become. Most heroes have a healthy amount of variations they can do, depending on their role, skill order, item build, and composition. DATOHLEONG explores and pushes our perspective on how we approach heroes. Additionally, DATOHLEONG also makes comprehensive videos regarding some of the best plays or strategies in the professional scene. He’s one of the best Dota 2 content creators you should follow if you need new builds to surprise your enemies.


Dota 2 has a rich modding and custom map scene, and Baumi is an excellent content creator you should follow if you’re interested in that. In addition, Baumi posts his playthroughs of custom maps, which leads to fun situations you don’t usually see in regular games. Baumi frequently streams on his Twitch channel, but his YouTube channel is an excellent collection of memorable matches.


Zquixotix is an essential Dota 2 content creator you should follow as a support. He’s the best at immersing you into the mind of a top-tier support player, helping you improve your micro-game and macro game (stacking, roaming, etc.). In addition, ZQuixotic gives detailed masterclasses on various topics like itemization and maintaining lane equilibrium. Finally, ZQuixotix promotes a positive mental attitude while playing the game, especially if you’re spamming ranked.


BananaSlamJamma (BSJ) is a pro player, caster, and content creator. Known for his educational content, timely tier lists, and accurate coaching sessions, BSJ is the perfect content creator for intermediate players looking to improve their gameplay and climb higher ranks. While BSJ often gives insightful patch and meta breakdowns, he’s at his best when diving into refining fundamental plays, like controlling the lane to win early game. BSJ occasionally posts VOD reviews as well as his own games.