Earning a diploma for your passion is not that easy, especially if you are an eSports enthusiast. Esports industry is rapidly growing, and institutions are starting to take notice. The strong academic background of the industry is an edge for gamers and enthusiasts. Universities are now offering eSports courses that will guide you into making it in the professional scene.

Repeat.gg brings you some of the universities that offer an eSports degree.

flag-400 University of California-Irvine

UC Irvine EsportsUCI was the first public university to create an official esports program and is regarded as one of the best in the world. They began offering scholarships to League of Legends teams back in 2016 and have moved on to also offer scholarships for Overwatch. The UCI Esports Arena opened around the same time and supports all gaming clubs on campus. They also offer some of the most comprehensive research programs and continue to innovate in the world of eSports.

download (2) Staffordshire University 


Staffordshire University offers BA (Hons) Esports. It is a three-year course that focuses on the business and culture of eSports. Students will learn how to develop teams, create a fan base, organise an event, promote a large-scale event, and market these events digitally. The university also offers scholarships to top players to pursue their competitive gaming career.

“Over 73 percent of those employed within eSports are under the age of 35, and their skills are in demand. Companies are looking for people who are entrepreneurial and, and the industry is driving the creation of new jobs,” Rachel Gowers, Academic Dean for Recruitment, explained.

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 Robert Morris University

There are over 50 Universities offering esports courses, so it was hard to narrow down which one should be mentioned. We went for the university that started it all for the united states back in 2014 with Robert Morris University in Illinois which announced a scholarship-sponsored League of Legends team. Since then, the scene has ballooned to include around 50 different educational esport programs, with a national governing body known as the National Association of Collegiate Esports as the main home for most of those organizations.

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 Informatics Academy

In Singapore, Informatics launched the first Diploma in eSports and Game Design. The course will last for eight months for full-timers and twelve months for part-timers. The course will equip the students with knowledge on the fundamentals of game development, game programming, live streaming trends, and aspects of the eSports ecosystem.

Informatics Academy will focus on practice-based learning to reach the full potential of the students. The course will be offered every January, May, and September of the year. Applications for September 2018 is already open

 The Lanxiang Technical School

A technical school in Jinan, China offers an eSports and Management course that costs £1,470 per year. This is a three-year course that hones the gaming skills of the students.
During the first year, their classes compose of 50% gaming and 50% of game theory.

The students will be divided after their first year. The best gamers will focus on becoming professional players while the others will learn accompanying skills including event organisation, promotion, or coaching.

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University of Chichester

The University of Chichester also offers BA (Hons) Esports. This is a three-year program that examines eSports from several perspectives. Students who are aiming to be professional gamers will take continuous skills development sessions and study the strategic and tactical thinking to enhance their gameplay success.

After this course, you can forge a career in professional gaming, marketing, sports science, games design, journalism, and events management. Some notable subjects included in the module are Immersive Gameplay, Skills & Strategy Development, Live Event Production, Player Management, and Coaching Teams.

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Alternative : 


If your country doesn’t have a university that offers an eSports program, Udemy is the perfect fit for you.

Udemy provides an eSports program designed for aspiring professional gamers.The students will learn to strategise their gaming career goals and develop a success mindset.

The curriculum includes topics such as Common Mistakes Young Aspiring Pro Gamers Make, Engineer Your Environment to Boost Your Gaming Skills & eSports Business Ops, and Tools for Solving Problems in eSports Team Dynamics. Udemy also offers a discounted price for this online course.

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A degree in eSports can be a huge factor in the individual’s success in the eSports industry. Statistics show that the eSports market is growing and will continue to do so. This booming industry will also continue to open enormous opportunities for talents and experts. In the eSports industry today, the experts are those gamers who were already there when gaming is just gaming. Do you think having an eSports degree will hone the new generation of enthusiasts better? Is it worth taking? Share your thoughts.

The article was written by Patsiyoah

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  1. You are using the wrong logo for Robert Morris University. The one pictured is for Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You are referring in the article to Robert Morris University in Chicago, Illinois. Same name, but very different logos. That said, though, Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, will be offering an esports course this spring, 2019. It also has one of the oldest sports management programs in the USA.

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