There are many forms of careers and incomes from Gaming or eSports. Most people think that the only way of making it is with the conventional prospects of becoming a professional gaming celebrity or a video game creator. In this series, I will list some career paths that can take a slice out of that delicious $101.62bn video game industry pie, suitable for gamers ranging from casual to professional, such as esports and skin betting.

We will detail what each method is, how much one can make and how to get started.

What is Esports and Skin Betting

Skin Betting

This may get a bit complex but bear with me.

Skins are completely cosmetic and have no impact on the game itself.

Skins or items are purely cosmetic, holding no gameplay function or utility, they are digital in-game drops that are random at times for a user, with platforms allowing users to trade with each other. Skins are an overlay that will appear on a user’s screen or a weapon or the character’s appearance and can also be seen by fellow peers inside the game. These can be in-game Weapons, Skins, Badges, Knives and more.

Even though there is Selling/Trading and Buying of skins in multiple titles, we will be using Counter-Strike Global Offensive as the example. This is due to the popularity of the skins as well as it being the highest market in the world for computer game items, which can amount values of thousands of dollars for a single item.

maxresdefault (2)During the Skins betting peak period, it wasn’t abnormal to see some skins go for hundreds if not thousands of dollars for rare CS: GO Skins

How to receive in-game skins

⦁ Earn it through random drops by playing in the online community and on official servers

Crates and Skins are like rewards for public users that play the game online

⦁ From crates that are also given randomly for playing – A user can “uncrate” them by purchasing keys, and these crates are usually from promotions and contain a lucky dip

CS:GO Crate Keys are unique and match each individual crate
CS:GO Crate Keys are unique and match each crate

⦁ From trading with other players with the Trade function on Steam –

The trading portal acts as a barter marketing platform to trade in-game items in Counter-Strike: GO

4. Buy Skins from a trading website

* is one of the most popular skin selling/purchasing site

Opskins is one of the well known of the hundred sites you can find dealing with skins
Opskins is one of the well known of the hundred sites you can find dealing with skins

How to make money from Esports Gambling / Skins?

esportsand skin Gambling is a recent feature that gamers can participate in, in fact, it’s something the general public can now take part in. This is widely due to the majority of the traditional sporting gambling websites having an esports feature, allowing people to bet on esports and gaming event outcomes.

There are two forms of Gambling that can be done in esports/Gaming:

Real Cash Betting

Nearly all the major sports betting websites now have an esports Feature to bet on the outcome of a gaming match

Websites: Pinnacle, Bet 365, William Hill and Betway are some of the sites with this option.

Nearly every major Sports betting platform now caters to esports fans

Skins/Items Betting

Users can deposit their Skins or Items into a website that will generate a dollar amount; Users can then place skins with individual value into a bulk bet to produce an overall figure to bet with on a match. The odds for a team to win are just generated by the ratio of bets on them versus bets against them. In return, winners receive their original skin/item bet as well as a win percentage amount in skins/items of random value.
Websites: CSGO Lounge, 8Esports, and CSGOloot

You can learn how to use such websites like CSGO Lounge via many YouTube videos

You can place your skins on the line to win skins valued at the same price when you win.

Skins/Items Lottery

Just like betting, every item and skin have a dollar value. Users can deposit these skins and items onto a CS: andwGO Lottery website and place bets in a large pool. The more items or, the higher dollar value placed into the pool gives the user better odds on winning. Winners are drawn at random with more draws going to the most amount of entries via dollar amount,and the winner takes all.

The best example to explain CS:GO lottery sites is Roulette. These pools can run every 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the dollar amounts being placed live. Players can win or lose hundreds of dollars in items within seconds. A Lottery pool can be anything from $200 to $10,000 – There are numerous videos of gamers placing $10k bets to only see them lose it all within a minute.

Websites: Skin Arena, CSGOFast, SkinJoker – More can be found

There are 100’s of videos on youtube that you can search of these losses. Here is an example of how easy it is to lose $6k in 1 minute – (Warning! Curse Language as Expected )

maxresdefault (1)
Public outcry saw hundreds of these sites be shut down due to stricter relegations on skin lottery sites by the game developer of Counter-Strike: GO – Some rogue sites are still operating today despite the call to cease.

How to Sell Skins and Gamble Successfully?

Skins Selling

Always shop for the best price and you won’t find it hard to locate sites that deal with selling items to give you the best price. Personally, I consider the best value for money is to advertise your items and sell privately, but be careful, scammers have swarmed the market and are all too common.

Websites: Skin Xchange – OPSKINS – Steam market – R2Pleasent


How to Gamble on Esports : Tips

You are dealing with your money, and you have to be smart. Make sure to study all your bets by researching and don’t forget that odds are fairly low regardless, due to it being a new feature, so multing ( requiring two bets to win a bet placement)matches may be best or using skins to bet with for better value.

Regardless of tips, you can never predict the outcome 100% so always make sure to study everything, from how far a team has travelled and what is their best map, to the event being online or offline.


⦁ Check head to head History
⦁ Check if team’s rosters are similar
⦁ Check Format – Some teams may be better at best of 3 or on Single Maps
⦁ bet on single maps for team’s best maps rather than the overall series win
⦁ Tie up multi bets – Odds on esports is low and you get better value linking up bets
⦁ Follow a team, learn their strengths and weakness to know how to bet for or against them
⦁ Check websites for past results ( allows you to see head to head and past results)

head2headreal shows previous team matches and all match statistics including head to head matches against their upcoming opponents.

If you don’t have a big bankroll the best thing to do is buy a small number of keys at once (discount bulk key purchases) and each week try your luck with opening crates and hope to be lucky enough to receive something to play with.

There is also a site out there you can bid on Skins to receive a massive discount – and if lucky you can pick up big ticketed items for less than 75% off

At the end of the day, this is gambling and you should always bet within your limits and stop when you have gone over it. Choosing a website can be intimidating so it’s always best to shop around.

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This article was written by‘s Community Manager Scott “Boomser” Bednarski a former professional gamer that traveled the world making a living in video games on major FPS titles.


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