So many players make a living out of playing Fortnite, but these players take it to the next level as the top earners in Fortnite.

For any aspiring esports professions out there, Fortnite is one of the most lucrative games in terms of earning money. Epic Games curated a healthy competitive community where anyone can try their skills in arenas and open events to gain access to the Fortnite Champion Series. Additionally, there are many local and international events for skilled players to win a paycheck.

Aside from esports competitions, there are other avenues to earn money in Fortnite, like streaming or casually playing the game. There’s plenty of money to go around, and the top earners in Fortnite were able to take full advantage of the game’s opportunities.

Anas – $1,551,108

Anas “Anas” El-Abd stands out on this list because he didn’t receive a massive sum of his earnings from the Fortnite World Cup, unlike the other top earners in Fortnite. Instead, the Danish professional Fortnite player got his claim to fame from MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge, winning $1,000,000 from the event’s unique format.

While Anas scored a huge financial break with the event, he’s also a strong competitive player who places well when he’s playing, for example, winning the Gamers8 2022 – Zero Build with his duo partner Pinq. Anas plays for Guild Esports and has won over $1,551,108 during his professional Fortnite career.

EpikWhale -$1,714,933

Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton is an American professional Fortnite player under TSM. EpikWhale became one of the top earners in Fortnite when he won third place in Fortnite World Cup 2019, earning $1,200,000 for his efforts. EpikWhale represented NRG during that grand tournament.

The momentum didn’t stop there as EpikWhale continued to compete. He’s been racking up wins in major tournaments like in Gamers8 2022 with his duo partner Malibuca. EpikWhale has reportedly won $1,714,933 from Fortnite tournament prizes.

Psalm – $1,874,588

Harrison “psalm” Chang is an American professional Valorant player who’s currently inactive after being removed by esports organization The Guard, formed by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. He also formerly played Fortnite and Hearthstone. Despite that, he’s still one of the top earners in Fortnite for his impressive performance in Fortnite World Cup 2019, grabbing second place with 33 points for $1,800,000. Psalm earned $1,874,588 from Fortnite before retiring in 2020.

Aqua – $2,182,374.23

David “Aqua” Wang is an Austrian professional Fortnite player who won Fortnite World Cup Duo 2019 with his partner nyhrox, taking away $15,100,000 from the historic prize pool. At the time, they were representing COOLER Esport, a UK based esports organization. Aqua continued his impressive streak with significant wins from 2019 to 2020.

Aqua is currently playing for a German esports organization called LootBoy Esports (formerly AIGHT). Aqua, and his duo partner Veno, won first place at the Chapter 3 Season 2 Fortnite Championship Series: Europe. He has reportedly earned $2,182,374.23 from Fortnite during his lifetime career.

Bugha – $3,491,745.05

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf earned most of his total winnings from Fortnite World Cup 2019. The American professional Fortnite player dominated the brutal solo bracket of the competition, earning 59 points to claim 3 million dollars. Bugha played for team Sentinels during the event but recently switched to Dignitas. He still holds the Fortnite World Cup champion title as there has not been an official event since then.

Bugha and his partner Meero are a powerhouse duo consistently performing well in tournaments, such as winning the Chapter 3 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series.