These are the countries that made the most money in esports in 2022, and the top countries on the list are those you probably expect.

Esports and the gaming industry as a whole is a massively profitable venture. Many aspiring esports professionals are rising, hoping to gain the attention of esports organizations for a comfortable offer. Like athletes, esports professionals will dedicate endless hours of their youth to this dream.

When a country recognizes that esports is a lucrative venture, its support goes a long way to foster more talent. Pro-competitive gaming countries may offer benefits and training like esports as an academic course, or make it easier for players to acquire visas to compete abroad. This list highlights the countries that made the most money in esports, some of the highest-earning players, and the most successful games.

Who Made The Most Money in Esports in 2022?

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most money in esports


France has reportedly earned $$4,240,013 with 834 active players. The country’s top-earning player is a dominant Rocket League player Monkey Moon. Representing Team BDS, he won the Rocket League World Champion alongside his teammates Extra and Seikoo. France also competes in Rainbow Six Siege, CS: GO, and Starcraft II.


Thailand has earned $4,539,710 from its 611 active players. PUBG Mobile is the most popular game for competitive esports professionals, with Stoned earning the highest esports income in the country. Thailand is also fond of other mobile games like Free Fire and Arena of Valor.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom lands top 8 for countries in esports earnings, getting $4,582,032 in 2022. UK esports professionals make most of their income from Fortnite, Rocket League, various Call of Duty titles, CS:GO, and Smite. Fortnite player Veno is the highest-earning British e-athlete, with a notable Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 3 Season 2 – Grand Finals: Europe.


The 582 active players in Japan were able to earn $4,672,878 in 2022. Japanese player Naoto had the most esports earnings for competing in PUBG mobile. Players are also finding success in the fast-paced battle royale, Apex Legends, and the strategic card-game Shadowverse. Japan is also competitive in fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Germany is the sixth highest earning country in esports, with $5,522,596 accumulated by all 746 players. Team Tundra’s Dota 2 mid-player Nine made up most of Germany’s earnings when he won the eleventh International. The Germans also compete in FIFA, Fortnite, Starcraft II, and CS: GO.


Brazil is the fifth highest country in esports earnings, with $7,874,772 collected by over 1052 pro players. Caard, CaioTG1, and yanxnz tie for the highest earners as they’re teammates in Rocket League. Team LOUD also finds great success in Valorant, winning the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament.

Russian Federation

Russian has earned $8,622,252 from its 633 active esports players. The most financially successful player in 2022 is Fortnite player Malibuca, taking first place in Gamers8 2022 with American teammate EpikWhale. Team Spirit members Miposhka, TORONTOTOKYO, and Collapse kept up their earnings in Dota 2. PUBG and PUBG Mobile is also a popular competitive game in Russia.

South Korea

South Korea is the third-highest country in esports earnings, gathering $10,858,313 from its 872 talented players. The top eight highest earners were all Overwatch 2’s Dallas Fuel members, who were the Overwatch League 2022 winners. The top three placers from the League of Legends 2022 World Champion were also dominated by Korean teams, with DRX ultimately winning the competition.

United States

The United States has the most professional esports players. The total income of 2985 players is $24,961,117 in 2022. Sneyking is the highest-earning American player, famous for his first-pick Mirana, during Team Tundra’s run. America has many competitive esports organizations, with Call of Duty finding the most success overall.


China is the highest country in esports earnings in 2022, as 1561 players rack up an impressive $33,537,904. Most of these esports earnings came from Dota 2, as many Chinese teams consistently score high in major tournaments. PSG.LGD is the team which made the most money in esports, particularly Faith_bian. China also competes for huge prize pools in PUBG Mobile.