The most recent Repeat Fortnite update includes some new modes, who won the FNCS, and a cool collab with a Rocket League car.

Welcome back to the latest update for Repeat Fortnite in November! There has been a ton of cool stuff happening on the Fortnite Esports scene and many things happening behind the scenes for Fortnite Tournaments on Repeat.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton to share as far as getting more tournaments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, but we are working with Epic to comply with their requests and get those back as soon as we can.

However, there are still fun things worth talking about! Let’s get right into it.

What we have done with our tournaments

Shoutout Cozmos and LaterFN who worked with us on some Fortnite activations! Check out their videos below and be sure to subscribe to all their channels.

Updates in Fortnite

In the most recent Patch notes, we see that Fortnite added the Rocket League Octane car to the game and introduced 40-vs-40 Zero Build mode.

Fans have also noticed today that World Cup skins were added given that the biggest sporting event in the world begins next week.

Rocket League Octane car has rocket boosters, supersonic speed, jump, dodge, and can drive on walls. The new Grapple Glider can be found during gameplay as well.

In the update at the beginning of November, we saw Star wars items come back into the game and that included E-11 Blaster and Luke’s lightsaber. They also added the sideways rifle, which can be charged up and stays in a powerful state for longer, as well as the combat pistol.

What’s happening in Fortnite Esports

Fortnite ran their first lan event in over a year and it was truly a spectacular event with some of the best gameplay we’ve seen. Life just seems better when Fortnite is running live events.

Congratulations to the winners who took home portions of a MASSIVE $1 million prize pool:

FNCS Invitational Leaderboard

Message from our Fortnite Game Admin

With Fortnite tournaments going up to $2,000 a weekend its my job to make sure that things are being run fairly and is fun for all users to please make sure to leave suggestions in our discord for things that you would like to see. You guys can always find me on Discord in #Fortnite.