Build your account and familiarize yourself with the Repeat platform with Twitter Tuesdays, Friday Frenzy, Sunday Funday, and more weekly events!

Free tournaments are an excellent way to introduce yourself to the platform and build your account so you can compete in many other cash and coin tournaments, which is why we’re announcing the addition of weekly event series which will featured different styles of tournaments but all will have free entry!

These tournaments will become available for registration at different times, but the competition will always be on the same day every week so you know when to come back and enter in these tournaments. All of the following will start with Fortnite tournaments but will be available for Dota 2 and other games we add in the future.

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Twitter Tuesdays

The first of these weekly events will be our Twitter Tuesdays tournament. This will act the same as any other free-to-enter Fortnite tournament, except this tournament will be password locked and you will have to go to our Twitter, find the tweet about the week’s password tournament, like it, and you will be DMed the password.

The registration for the Twitter Tuesday tournament will be available for 24 hours prior to the tournament which will go live for all regions at 04:00 UTC and last for 24 hours.

Friday Frenzy


Are you ready for the FRENZY?! Every Friday, more than 70 free-to-enter tournaments with cash prize pools will randomly appear on the website at different times. They won’t have the same number of entrants or the same prize pool, and you won’t be notified of their appearance. You simply have to be on the website at the right time!

Again this will take place over a 24 hour period, but each tournament will only last an hour. They will have the typical free tournament rules.

Sunday Funday


Sundays are when you will get to show off your creativity and fun side. We will host two 12-hour tournaments, one for the first 12 hours of the day and another for the 2nd 12 hours (first starts at 4:00am UTC), but these will have crazy rules and encourage wacky game play.

For example, the tournament rules could give you -5 points for a kill, but award you massive points for placing higher. So it’s all about survival without actually killing any opponents! This is just one example of the fun way you can participate in the Sunday Funday events. We will be sure to explain the rules in the Tournament Overview and on our Social Media pages in advance.

These will begin at the end of July, and again these are for Fortnite for now but we will also include other games in the future. Make sure you’re following us @repeatgg and join our Discord where we have support available for most hours of the day.