The great thing about League of Legends is the huge character list always evolves: these are the champions that received the biggest buffs.

League of Legends features an extensive roster of champions with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. As the game evolves, Riot Games make changes to maintain the game’s balance and keep the gameplay exciting. However, Riot Games has an infamous rotation to balance its roster to the extreme—whether by buffing until they become top picks in the competitive meta, or nerfing so hard that it’s detrimental to your team.

In this article, we will explore the League of Legends champions that have received the most significant buffs of all time in a single patch, skyrocketing their win rate and making them dominate the meta. While strong champions certainly change throughout the years, you can always expect Riot to create zeroes to heroes overnight.


Ryze is the most reworked champion in the League of Legends roster. Riot Games just doesn’t know what to do with the spell-slinging mage, ever since he became a monster in patch v1.0.0.61. Ryze’s new passive Arcane Mastery reduces the cooldowns of his other spells after casting an ability.

This new passive worked incredibly well with his targeted spells, which received massive damage and quality-of-life buffs. This was also the patch where Spell Flux was reworked, and Ryze was given a new ultimate, making him an even bigger powerhouse. As a result of all these buffs, Ryze had too much power for too little skill.


Galio is traditionally played as a tanky bruiser who does respectable damage with his spells. Then patch 7.21 increased the AP scaling of his abilities, intending him to scale better for aggressive gameplay. However, Riot Games made his AP ratio scale too high, and it took virtually no time for everyone to abuse it.

AP Galio was a one-tapping machine that was also fairly durable due to his Shield of Durand, giving him AP damage reduction. Once Galio got an early lead, there was no place safe because of his ability to fly to his teammates. Galio felt impossible to deal with because of his all-in nature paired with one of League of Legends’ biggest buffs.


Lucian became the most aggressive ADC after he received one of the biggest buffs on patch 4.12. The patch leaned into his strengths, buffing his Relentless Pursuit by reducing its cooldown every time his passive hit, doubling on champions. These buffs transformed Lucian into a hard-hitting slippery character that danced and dashed around the battlefield, bursting down enemies with his passive. Lucian’s oppressive presence was felt by casual players all the way to the competitive scene.


Shen received the biggest buffs in League of Legends history during patch, amping up all his abilities and turning him into the most contested competitive pick afterward. Shen could take any duel because of his resilience and regeneration, letting him split push and pressure the map uncontested.

Shen could teleport to his allies wherever they were on the map, which was so potent when top laners infrequently took the teleport summoner spell. Looking back, Shen certainly enjoyed those monumental buffs because he was a mainstay in the competitive scene for a long time afterward.