The Best Clips from Brawl Stars World Finals in 2023 will have you clamoring for more Brawl Stars esports content.

The 2023 Brawl Stars Worlds Finals emerged as the height of mobile esports tournaments, With a staggering peak viewership of 273,149, it became one of the most-watched mobile games broadcasts of all time, even surpassing last year’s numbers. While fans were encouraged to tune in for their free hypercharge, the numbers show that they stuck around to watch intense matches and the conclusion of heated rivalries.

In a thrilling finale, ZETA Division stomped STMN Esports 3:1 to bring home the victory. This is the third consecutive victory for the Japan-based organization, winning each championship with a different roster. But before that, Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 had many great clips from the participants throughout the tournament.

Luminosity Gaming’s Satisfying Revenge

BC Gaming had a lot of confidence after their first win of the set. They had so much that they decided to show off against their opponents with a few disrespectful spins. And as usual, trash-talking in esports tends to backfire in the most entertaining ways possible. Luminosity Gaming rallied and won 3-2 in a close final set. Of course, Luminosity made sure to get in a few spins of their own.

Revenant Esports Response Solo Goal

Revenant Esports and BC Gaming were playing passively in the deciding game of their set. RNT Response on Maisie was a solid anchor for the center, guarding the ball while effortlessly dodging the enemy Spike’s projectiles even while in the open. But as soon as BC OU steps out of position to assist the left lane, RNT Response quickly kicks the ball forward and immediately uses her Super to create space, before landing an easy goal. Response was able to make this solo goal against three healthy defenders.

SK Gaming iKaoss Denies Tribe Gaming

Tribe Gaming and SK Gaming were evenly matched during the first game of their set. As both teams dance back and forth to attempt the final goal, SK Ikaoss activates Spike’s overcharge to break through his lane and solo kill Zoulan. Then, iKaoss lands a perfect Super to prevent the remaining defenders from blocking their set-winning goal.

SK Yoshi’s Clutch

STMN Esports was one win away from securing their spot in the grand finals, and it was looking bleak for SK Gaming after losing two of their members in Knockout. However, SK Yoshi wouldn’t go down without a fight as he would eliminate the two low-health members of STMN, leaving him in an unfavorable 1v1 against Zhar. Zhar took advantage of Tick’s attacks and zoned out Yoshi from striking back. But Yoshi waited for the last moment to make his move, winning with 95 HP left.

ZETA Division Wins With Edgar

ZETA Division surprises everyone by last picking Edgar, who was one of the worst performing Brawlers during that year. The mobile assassin struggled during the first round of the set, immediately blowing up anytime ZETA GeRo tried to commit to an offense. But instead of playing cautiously, GeRo played recklessly without regard for his own life, repeatedly jumping in to attack STMN Esports’ vault. ZETA Division pushed their opponents to play defensively, allowing them to win their final set and the grand championship of the 2023 Brawl Stars World Finals.