Your comprehensive guide to playing Brawl Ball mode, which lets players participate in an intense back-and-forth of offense and defense.

Brawl Ball is the second most popular game mode in Brawl Stars, and it’s easy to see why. The 3v3 team-based game mode is less pressure than Solo Showdown, yet is more strategic due to the objective and the different map layouts. Brawl Ball lets players participate in an intense back-and-forth of offense and defense. One good play can turn the tide or any map to score into a clutch goal.

Brawl Ball is the game at its best, encapsulating the essence of Brawl Stars – a balance between individual skill, strategy, and teamwork. Despite the constantly evolving meta, balance changes, and new maps, it all comes down to whether or not your team can score that ball. Before diving falling into deep for patch analysis, make sure you got check your fundamentals with these tips for Brawl Ball.

Corner the Ball

The position of the ball dictates the pace of the game and the position of the players. At the start of the match, players usually split into three lanes to try and take more space from the enemy. But if you’re able to position the ball safely, chuck it in the enemy’s corner to force them to try and defend it.

By keeping the ball near the corner, you limit the angles from which enemies can attack, making it harder for them to steal the ball. On the other hand, if the enemy sticks the ball in your corner, try not to panic and allow the enemy to funnel your team. Take more space and angles to pressure them. Just be careful if the enemy team has a mobile character like Edgar and Bull, who can make a surprise goal at the first opportunity.

Break Barriers

Many Brawl Ball maps feature breakable walls or obstacles that can provide strategic advantages. Maps with advantageous walls like Super Beach and Pinball Dreams are a thrower’s paradise and can cause massive issues for your team when left unchecked. Brawlers like Colt and Dynamike can break walls to remove these nests for your team so they have less space to use.

The most important use for breaking barriers is removing layers of defenses from the enemy. Most Brawl Ball maps have walls that act as a natural defense for the enemy, and removing them creates additional pressure. However, be mindful of when and where you break barriers, as doing so prematurely can also open up pathways for your enemies.

Split the Map

Splitting the map refers to dividing it into distinct areas to control space effectively. It’s a common strategy for players with higher trophies as it covers various sections of the map. Even without the traditional three lanes of games like League of Legends or Dota 2, it’s easy to imagine that the map is split between the middle and the two sides.

The key is to take a favorable fight against a Brawler with whom you have a good match-up, usually through attack range. If the enemies aren’t contesting your lane, you’re free to walk up to their side and use the bushes, forcing them to deal with multiple angles. It’s especially dangerous when a bursty Brawler like Shelly can roam around freely.

Play Defense

Playing effective defense in Brawl Ball is just as crucial as scoring goals. Designate a teammate as a dedicated defender, positioned near your goal and always attempts to intercept the enemy shot. Brawlers like Gale can effortlessly stall an offense, while Brawlers like El Primo can steal the ball from the enemy, even when they’re still in control of it.

But the goalie isn’t a passive player; they’re the ones in charge of constantly moving the ball whenever the offense takes space. A proactive goalie can be a game-changer, turning a purely defensive role into a vital link between defense and offense.

Learn Practical Trickshots

Trickshots aren’t only reserved for compilations; some of them have practical uses that can come clutch in your games. Skilled players often employ trickshots to outsmart their opponents and secure crucial goals. It’s more than worth it to commit your super to bank the ball off walls to score unexpected angles.

A practical trickshot that everyone should learn is how to kick the ball behind your opponent. By running straight into your opponent, you can kick the ball behind them without it being stolen away from you. It’s best used by durable Brawlers who can tank a couple of shots to the face without dying.