Fortnite tournaments are back again! Repeat have released a Beta with some new scoring formats for our leaderboards.

Fortnite tournaments are returning to Repeat! We are so excited to get these leaderboard tournaments back. We are launching in a beta environment for the first two to four weeks to work through some new scoring formats to make sure the entire community has something to play.

Fortnite Tournaments Beta

During this beta, all of the tournaments will include an entry condition which will ask you to sign into your Sony account. However, this doesn’t mean the tournaments are PlayStation exclusive—you can create a Sony account and join even if you’re playing on Xbox or PC. These entry conditions will be only active during the beta and are being used to limit the number of data streams hitting our backend for stress testing our scoring system properly.

You have a chance to win cash prizes during this beta. We will be hosting daily and weekly tournaments for a total of over $2,000 per week during the beta, and will include Zero Build and Build formats with all the available playlists in those formats (Solos, Duos, Trios, Squads when applicable).

Give Us Feedback

Make sure you join our Discord to offer any feedback you have on the tournament styles and formats, and also to be updated on news and tournaments we release during our official launch of Fortnite. You can expect our launch to include massive cash prizes with some of your favorite Fortnite creators. Stay tuned!