Repeat’s Fortnite Zone Wars Showdown features some elite play, but these were the best of the best from our live stream on Twitch.

Repeat’s third Fortnite Zone Wars Showdown was filled with intense matches and impressive stomps. Audiences who tuned in witnessed the impressive upper bracket to lower bracket to grand final run of Outlaw Ceice and Elite Esports Muz. They were also treated to dominant performances from XSET Clix and Sommerset.

Aside from these invited powerhouses, the players who made it through online qualifiers certainly put up a fight. If you missed the VOD or want to prepare for the next tournament, catch some of the best clips from Fortnite Zone Wars Showdown here.

Muz Pacifist Run

Muz proves that Zone Wars Showdown is not only about accurate gun play and aggressive building, but it’s also about resource management. Pxmp from Team SnailFortnite and Muz are locked in a 1v1 while the storm rapidly closes. Instead of taking a fair fight, Muz uses his huge resource advantage to build a fortress around Pxmp, trapping them in the storm.

ChrisMz Holds M1

It’s rare to have an extended gunfight in the highest levels of Fortnite. As the general skill of players have increased over the years, it’s become second nature for players to immediately build during skirmishes. That’s why this simple clip of ChrisMz shutting down 2AM Esports’ JG9 is satisfying to watch. After ChrisMz finds a sneaky opening from underneath JG9’s build, they unload the whole Rifle clip, destroying JG9’s platforms as fast as they could make it, before catching him wide open mid-air.

Team Diggytate Goes All-In

Most of the time, it’s best to take high ground as fast as you can in Zone Wars. But in this round, Team DiggyTate surprises their opponents with an aggressive move to stop their build and start fighting as a duo. Their risky strategy worked, letting them blitz their way to a victory in an extremely close match.

Ciece’s Flawless Build From Disadvantage

Outlaw Ciece shows that the best Fortnite players keep their cool and use all their tools to adapt on the fly. Despite getting blocked off high ground by Team DiggyTate, Ciece moves and flows upwards; all while editing, adjusting, and defending against his opponent. Ciece was also able to chop down DiggyTate to save his teammate.

Snail’s 1hp clutch

Team SnailFortnite proved that they deserve their spot in the competition by holding their own against Team Ceice. In this clip, TheLittleSnail is stuck on the low ground as Ceice smells blood and goes for the kill. Trapped and cornered, Snail aggressively peeks out with 1 HP and secures a quick shotgun kill to close out the round.

Clix Hail Mary Shot

After Clix takes down Ceice in the storm, there wasn’t much he could do against Muz while out of mats. Clix was about to go down with more tick of storm damage, so he decided to just shoot at Muz as a resort. Fortunately, his shots found a way through Muz’ build to score the final blow, using up all his luck in that hail mary shot.

Muz 1v2 In The Grand Finals

Clix and Sommerset were dominating the whole tournament, even up to the grand finals. After taking down Ceice, Team Clix were looking to bring the match to 3-0 with their numbers advantage. As the storm closes, a heathy Clix fortifies himself on the low ground to take free shots as Muz as he tries to escape. But even with the odds against him, Muz was able to find the kill with his technical prowess. This win brought brought back the momentum to his team and they were able to win everything after an intense grand final set.