Now on, prove you’re the best player in Solos, Duos, Trios or Squads by competing in the all new Championship Series.

Are you dominating solos and wish you weren’t competing against guys getting carried by teammates in duos or trios?

Do you and your duos partner think you are the peanut butter and jelly of Fortnite or Warzone?

Is your squad elite and you want to prove it to the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck, because is introducing the all new Championship series which includes tournaments where only specific game modes will be tracked.

How the Championship Series is Different

In Warzone, we’ll have a solos only, duos only, and a trios/quads only tournament, each of them with $500 in prizes. The solos only will only track your gameplay if you are competing in BR Solos on Call of Duty: Warzone, and duos will only track duos only, and trios/quads will only count both BR Trios and BR Quads games.

Note – you do not have to play with a duos partner or trios/squads partners who are also in the tournament, nor do you have to enter with them. You can play with anyone in the team game modes and your individual statistics will track like in our standard tournaments.


In Fortnite, it will work the same way, however only Arena mode will count for these three tournaments. Solos will be Arena solos, duos will be Arena duos, and trios will be Arena Trios. Again, these tournaments will only track the games played under these specific game modes, so make sure you’re playing the correct one (Arena Solos for the solos, etc.).

Extra Prizes For The Winner

Not only will these tournaments feature scoring designed to highlight specific game modes, but the winners of each tournament will receive a little extra than our normal tournaments. The first place finisher in each will receive:

  • $100 – More than $50 as is typical for $500 tournaments
  • $50 gift card of your choice from our marketplace – Amazon, Steam, V-Bucks, PSN, or Xbox Live
  • Shouted out on our Social Media pages.

February Winners

The first ever Championship Series has completed! The following people won and can claim their prize by reaching out to us on Discord or emailing [email protected]

Fortnite Solos – SecretlyGod

Repeat Fortnite

Fortnite Duos – Viz

Repeat Fortnite

Fortnite Trios – Olmos

Repeat Fortnite

Warzone Solos – iNewwz

Repeat Warzone

Warzone Duos – Kibon128

Repeat Warzone

Warzone Trios/Quads – iNewwz

Repeat Warzone

We will be hosting another round of the Championship Series sometime in the next few weeks. Follow @repeatgg on all social media to find out when!