Due to Riot Games updating its terms and conditions, League of Legends tournaments will be temporarily unavailable.

Repeat.gg has been hosting League of Legends competitions since 2017, and we have always been open and honest about what we do with Riot Games Inc (Riot), the developers of League of Legends. This includes updating the nature of our competitions to comply with all of Riot’s terms and conditions, such as no cash play and a minimum of 20 entrants. In order for Repeat.gg to host League of Legends tournaments, Riot provides an interface called an API, which allows us to gather each player’s statistics. Without access to the statistics, obviously we can’t provide tournaments.

We want to provide bigger tournaments by both numbers and rewards, and so over the past month, we started conversations with them to try and partner with them closely to grow the League of Legends community, host larger prize pools ($10k+) and run charity events. This led Riot to a review of our site, and even after providing all information required – and as far as we can tell complying with all Riot terms and conditions – they have terminated our API access, and asked us to re-apply again, going through the same process we went through in 2017.

We are disappointed in Riot’s decision to impact the thousands of League of Legends players that use the Repeat.gg site, but as of today, Repeat.gg are unable to provide League of Legends tournaments until such time as Riot can review our new application. We don’t know how long this process will take, and there is no guarantee that they will approve our application.

All tournaments that are/were currently running will be awarded prizes based on the updated standings as of March 20, 2020 PDT. Please stay tuned for updates via email and our social media channels as we push towards bringing LoL back to the website.

The good news is this will allow us to focus much of our attention on releasing a new game on the website, which should be happening very soon. These tournaments will have large cash prize pools upon release. Also, you can still compete in Dota 2 tournaments right now.

We apologize for the inconvenience at this time. Rest assured we are doing everything possible to get these tournaments and more games onto the website as soon as we can. Plans to launch even more games will also be escalated.

We promise to give you an update as soon as we have one. Also, please allow the processing of withdrawals a little extra time than normal as we will be paying out several tournaments in the short term. 

Thanks for your support.